ArcheAge CBT4 Boss Hunting

mainIt's about time Yukey and I engaged ourselves into a few CBT4 ArcheAge Online end game experience. The world of ArcheAge is enormous so there are bound to be some bosses that we could take on with just the two of us or random pick up groups. Interested in learning more about some of the different kinds of bosses that awaits you in ArcheAge? Then continue to read on and enjoy another informative article on ArcheAge Online! Just like all the other previous coverage on, enjoy the new batch of 1080p videos. 

The Flame Lord

There are some bosses that require strategy like the notorious world boss named The Flame Lord shown above. It has a crazy AoE skill that will surely incinerate anyone who is in range even your crazy geared tanks! The boss was kind of scary so we decided to ping pong and run like crazy. In the end our small size pick up group and artillery prevailed in the heated battle!


World Bosses have a longer respawn time compared to the normal size bosses throughout ArcheAge Online. Just like any other game, big guilds will often have the most popular world bosses on check, after properly memorizing the tod also known as time of death. Other than obtaining crazy awesome gear, there are a lot of benefits to killing all kinds of bosses in ArcheAge Online. One of the more common goodies are the high quality enchantment stones and flame spirit buff. The enchantment stone is used on your equipment giving it a permanent +stat, enchantments can not be extracted so save your good ones for end game gear.

Cutest Boss!

Defeating normal and big size bosses also nets you a lot of reputation points, this is very useful for carebears who doesn't like the battlegrounds. Reputation points is used to buy special kinds of weapons, vehicle recipes, and all kinds of goodies.

Lizard Boss

If you're planning to hunt normal size bosses, then it's best to write down the time of death. Normal bosses only have a spawn timer of one hour and they always pop in the same spot. Thus if you have the time of death, you can mini monopolize the normal size bosses racking up three to four bosses in a row. XLGAMES should add some minor adjustments to the boss system. For example popping at a random spot on that same field and the repop timer would randomly be 30-90 minutes instead of the usual fixed 60 minutes.