ArcheAge CBT4 Boss Hunting

The Nightmare of the Dark Forest

After you have out leveled a certain boss, you will no longer receive any reputation points from killing it. I was a bit saddened by this matter but I guess it was to prevent players like Yukey and I from hogging all the bosses. Even with no reputation points earned after successfully killing the bosses, you're still eligible on obtaining some good equipment and super rare akium cubes used for crafting.

The Masterpiece

Gatekeeper Yacha Hazurad

I apologize early for the fps quality on some of the videos, never again I will FRAPS + LIVESTREAM at the same time. The Gatekeeper Yacha Hazurad is supposedly a hidden world boss though it isn't doing a good job of being hidden, since his statue is hard to miss. The only way to break him out of his petrified state is by obtaining a certain boss drop and crafting an unsealing item with it that can eventually be used to dispel his debuff. After you have used that certain item on the frozen boss statue, you can take him down! Yacha Hazurad is really challenging because he has a huge one shot AoE move and clones himself. Thankfully our numbers prevailed in this battle, pub zerging can be useful sometimes. There are a lot more world bosses but I don't have enough time catch em all. If you thought the bosses in this preview looked easy think again, there are crazy bosses like The Kraken that still hasn't been defeated yet shown below.

The Rampaging Kraken

I've been very busy lately and there are a lot of upcoming betas in the weeks to come, so future ArcheAge coverage may slow down a bit. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading up on the latest ArcheAge CBT4 content and see you next time!

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