Tera Online Content Explored

My Favorite Boss

Kalash Armero is one of the older bosses in the end game instance called The Labyrinth of Horror, as shown above the boss can still wreck havoc among players who fail to dodge his one shot moves. I've always enjoyed fighting this boss, it's quite amusing watching team members get one shotted left and right no matter how godly their equipment is. Heck, every now and then I fall a victim of his one shot moves due to the fact that my evasion skill on cool down.

Kaidor Extended Tour

The last video showcases one of the main cities of Tera Online, I never really liked the looked of this city. At first it looked just like any other type of city from other games, but after close examination the city itself looks very detailed from the inside and out. I'm looking forward to the upcoming patches in Tera Online, rumors say they are going to release a new class. If I am free then, you can expect me to jump right on the new class and grind like crazy!

Developer: BlueHole Studio
Game Publisher: Hangame Korea
/ En Masse Entertainment
Game Site: http://tera.hangame.com/ / http://www.tera-online.com/