Mabinogi Heroes Kai Preview

kai2I've always enjoyed playing Mabinogi Heroes and when I heard that they recently released a new character, I knew I had to get back to playing the game right away. If you're looking to try out a character with style, then the new character named Kai is definitely for you. He has a lot of flashy and stylish looking skills, I am surprised at how well they implemented the Archer class in Mabinogi Heroes. Hope you've got some time on your hands as I've prepared seven new 1080p HD gameplay videos of Kai in action.

Nightmare at the Ruins

For the most part Kai is fairly easy to play, you can kite most of the bosses in the game without taking major damage. I suppose it will be a lot easier when you're in a full party due to the fact that that you don't have to worry about bosses and monsters chasing you down to the end of time. Either way, you can just kite the heck out all of the mobs in the game.

Kai Full Dungeon Gameplay

I decided to skip my low level quests and try a harder dungeon so that you guys can see how Kai will fare against monsters of the same level. My gameplay experienced changed drastically, it was a lot funner when you are not one or two shotting things with the short bow. One of Kai's unique feature is the ability to shift the form of your bow into a short or long bow. The long bow is strong but its attacks are way too slow and consumes too much stamina. I usually just stick with the short bow unless there are a lot of monsters lined up, then I try to AoE them with the piercing shot from the long bow. It took awhile for me to get used to activating Kai's skills because you have to press Q to bring up the skill menu. After you have successfully brought up the menu, you can then select the skill of your choice by pressing the 1~5 key. I often chugged pots or set down a campfire during my low level Kai experience. It could be a bit troublesome at first, but after awhile you'll get used to it. After all the last thing you want to do is press your repair kit hot key in front of a raid boss.

Dark Knight to Black Knight

I couldn't properly gauge how strong of a character Kai was because of the AP and XP rates of the test server. I was leveling up so fast that I was just breezing through all of the main story quests. Kai has a lot of cool looking skills but the best one of all is the skill that locks on to multiple enemies or hit boxes. The skill itself isn't very useful until it is maxed out. Make sure pump all of your AP into it right away, then you'll find yourself tearing up bosses left and right.