Mabinogi Heroes Kai Preview

Character Customization

If you have played Vindictus or Mabinogi Heroes then you'll immediately realize that some of the character customization features are the same as Lethitha also known as Lann in the Vindictus version. I've already gone through character customization once but I decided to go through it again just to show you guys how sexy and manly Kai is.

My Awesome Kai

As you can see in the video above Kai is very popular in the test server compared to all of the other characters. To make my character look more stylish I decided to dye my new outfit, it took me a couple of hours to dye my outfit red and black. Kai doesn't only excel in damage, he has a lot of utility skills that are useful in sticky situations. For example, he has a skill where you can hook a monster down on to the floor. This skill is very useful if you want a boss to stay pinned down in one spot while you shoot it down. The other skill lets you grapple back to a marker on the floor. By pressing the Q key then selecting the third skill, you can set down a marker on the floor. This marker stays on the floor until you run out of range, to hook back to this marker press the spacebar key twice. This skill is very handy as Kai is immune to all damage while he is hooking back to his place marker.

Lock & Load

It's a good thing Kai was released during the weekend, I've actually spent most of my time during last few days grinding and leveling him up to level 65+. He still has a couple of bugs like the annoying dash forward bug, that occurs when you are spamming your short bow attack and try to dodge to the left or right immediately. The other minor bug is when your character auto targets a monster that you have already killed instead of the other monsters around it. Other than that I am currently enjoying my time playing the newest character of Mabinogi Heroes.

For those of you who are interested in trying him out early, Kai will officially be available in the Korean premium servers on January 17, 2012. He is also available in the Mabinogi Heroes test server, though keep in mind they occasionally do character wipes on this server every time a big update is about to occur. I'd also like to tell you that every time you make a new character on the test server, you have an option to start off as a level 61 character with 1 million gold, 40,000 AP, and purchasable cash items with gold. This feature applies to all of the characters except Kai, so you must level him up from scratch! I hope you enjoyed this preview and see you next time on!

Developer: DevCat
Game Publisher: Nexon Korea / Nexon America
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