Tera Online Slayer Mini Guide

Slayer Gameplay

weaponAs a Slayer you must upgrade your weapon to at least +7 and over at level 50+. I've taken a screenshot showing you the kind of stats that you should be aiming for in your weapon. If you look closely to the right, you can see a little recycle sign at the end of the last four stats. The recycle sign means you can seal and reseal the item to get better stats. It sounds easy, but it's really hard. Players would go about buying gold and spending as much as 100-300m just to get the perfect stat. I myself spent around 100 mil obtaining these stats.

All Slayer weapons must have at least two 8% attack speed options and two 4.5% increased damage against BAM. As a Slayer every bit of damage and percent counts because when you pull off a crazy crit, you'll instantly pull aggro. Even after spending at least over 200m on upgrading, I failed to get +9. I will have to farm all day and such to get that last +1! If you're a big baller then you can keep sealing and resealing your weapon until it becomes a masterpiece. The chance is very slim and random, but once it becomes a masterpiece you can upgrade it to +12 instead of the default +9. Just keep your fingers crossed and hope your masterpiece sword won't have stats that increase damage against small monsters or something silly.

glyphThe recommended glyph setup shown here is for PvE and BAM hunting/grinding. There are a lot more glyphs but I decided to crop it down because the picture was too lengthy. You'll have to click on the picture to actually see the setup. This setup pretty much makes it so that all your big skills have a small chance to reset its cool down, increase critical chance, and increase your overall output damage. I like this setup because I can spam my strongest skills and it is much easier to chain skills one after the other.

It's probably hard to understand at first but after you pick up the Slayer class then you'll end up figuring it all out! Once you've finished using my setup, you'll be able to crit as high as 200-300k de~li~cious! I'm not one to write lengthy guides so I will end it at this mini guide. I hope this helps the players who are currently playing the Slayer class or plan to play this awesome jawesome class in the future. Until then I hope you enjoyed this mini slayer guide and see you around on my future adventures!

Developer: BlueHole Studio
Game Publisher: Hangame Korea
/ En Masse Entertainment
Game Site: http://tera.hangame.com/ / http://www.tera-online.com/