Phantasy Star Online 2 α2 Part3

Code Protection And Destruction Quests

Upgrading weapons uses grinders which is a semi rare drop from monsters and chests. I was really lucky when I was upgrading my weapon, I managed to get it to +7 with no failures. You're probably thinking about upgrading penalties by now right? So far my party members said that the higher +(_) your weapon is the higher the -(_) it will have when it fails. For example, the penalty of lower level upgrading will only have -1 effect upon failure. Then once your weapon is +6~10 the penalty gets bigger, the numbers can go from -2, -3, and etc upon failure. PSO2 also has an enchanting system where you can steal special effects or combine effects of lower or higher grade item and transfer it to your current item.

Vol Dragon

Boss fights was a lot more exciting as a Force since there is a small chance that I could freeze the Volcano Dragons legs with the ice spells and such. Freezing the legs provided my team with a very good tactical advantage because the dragon was moving around often. I haven't tried freezing its wings yet, I assume if it does get frozen it would probably stop it from flying around. Then again wouldn't that be the same as binding it the floor when I froze the dragons legs? After three days of farming and dragon hunting everyone's weapon was grinded very high, my party members had very overpowered +8 weapons from their main characters so the dragon melted pretty fast.

Dungeon Farming

I think I have beaten this alpha a lot of times already with my multiple max level alt characters and such, but that probably won't stop me from playing it again and again. Characters will most likely be wiped but that doesn't really matter because it is very easy to get to the max level of Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha 2 Test. A lot of the community players seem to be satisfied at the current direction of where PSO2 is headed. There are just some games that won't feel right or the same if you take away it's originality. I am satisfied with this game myself, even if it is still an instance based game.

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