Black Desert Housing System

mainThe Pearl Abyss Facebook Fanpage revealed some new information on how the housing system actually works in Black Desert Online. The housing system in this game is really interesting because there are a lot of things you can do in your house. For example, you can turn a part of your place into a store, smithing house, and etc. All of the houses in field, towns, and cities can be purchased by a player. Just as long as they win it through an Auction House bidding system.


Unfortunately, players will not be able to build houses whenever and wherever they want. According to their FB page players will be able to setup temporary tents out in the field but not be able to create their own houses. One of the their concerns was that players might mess up the beautiful scenery of the world that they have created. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Perhaps it is a good thing because it means that cities and towns would be a lot more livelier with shops and houses being occupied by real players. Then it could be bad thing because some players would want more freedom in their MMORPG.


Giant: Wanna buy some swords?

If we could create houses everywhere, I would have preferred setting up my own secret blacksmith shop on top of a mountain! Then again I would probably be lacking customers if it was hidden that far away. Some other nifty features that Black Desert offers with their housing system is creating and installing furniture in your home. Installing a cabinets and storages will make it so that you can store items in your house. If you were to add a bed then you can sleep on it. As I mentioned above, you can also setup your own store shop and sell your goods through it. It sounds a lot of fun, perhaps I can buy multiple beds and setup an Inn or something! Or take up some kind of woodcrafting and open up my very own IKEA.

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I still have a lot of questions about the housing system in this game like owning multiple establishments. It would be nice to have a farm somewhere that will earn me extra revenue while I am off on my adventures. Will keep you guys up to date with the latest housing system news in the future, that is if they are planning on revising or adding new features.

Developer: Pearl Abyss
Publisher: N/A | GameOn Japan
Game Site: N/A