Blade & Soul Major Update

The Blade & Soul 7 Waves Update


1st Wave

They are redesigning one of the final dungeons of the game into a 24 person open field dungeon. The Sea Snake Supply Basement also known as Pohwaran's dungeon will be called Stormy Sea Snake Supply Basement. I am not sure if they are removing the original dungeon but this new field dungeon will be big! Everyone that kills the boss will receive a token that they will be able to use in the Wheel of Fortune RNG system, so everyone gets credit and will be happy. The devs say that this new dungeon will be a lot harder compared to the other field bosses of the game. The Stormy version of Pohwaran will also drop a special outfit for Lyn and other races. Don't know who Pohwaran is? She is the crazy little girl with a gatling gun in the video below.

A harder version of this dungeon with 24 players for the 1st wave.


2nd Wave

The Blade & Soul community enjoyed one of the solo dungeons of the game. The devs listened to the community and added a new solo dungeon called The Tower of Mushin. They say that this dungeon will be one of the hardest dungeons of the game. The only way to climb up this tower is by executing well timed skills. As you progress higher into the dungeon, it becomes a lot more challenging. The equipment at the end of the dungeon will be as good as one of the end game dungeons.


3rd Wave

Just like other MMORPG's Blade & Soul will now have cross server party matching system aka party finder. One of the unique features about this system is that you can invite your friends from a different server before you fire up the party finder system.


4th Wave

A new end game instance called the Spiral Labyrinth will be available. Players were complaining about repeating the same end game dungeons in this game so that developers made this special dungeon just for them. The Spiral Labyrinth is a three floor dungeon that randomly generates different kinds of monsters, floors, bosses, and rewards. I suppose this dungeon will keep players like me busy in the game! The developers say that the players who enter this dungeon will need to adjust their play style often because of randomized content. Just how random will it be I wonder @_@!