Blade & Soul 2nd Wave Preview

mainThe Blade & Soul 2nd WAVE just arrived earlier today and it introduced a new solo dungeon called Tower of Mushin. As of the moment the tower is currently seven floors high and rewards players with tokens used to purchase the 2nd best end game gear. The patch isn't as big as the 1st WAVE that was released a few weeks ago but it keeps players who love challenges busy. With Blade & Soul being my current main game for the moment, I decided to log in right away and tackle the new content myself. As always, I have prepared two new HD 1080p videos of the new content along with extra information about the new dungeon!


A rare Bamboo Hat from the final boss of Tower of Mushin - Player Screenshot

Tower of Mushin Lobby Tour

Without hesitation I rushed to the new area to record and explore the wonders of Tower of Mushin shown above. The lobby has a PvP arena in the center where players can practice 1v1'ing against each other. It also has practice dummies where players can build up their chi or rage before they start climbing up the tower or PvPing. This area has most of the necessary npcs that Blade & Soul towns have like an Auction House NPC, Bank, Item shop, and etc.

Tower of Mushin Bosses

From personal experience the first few bosses are very easy to defeat. Things start heating up around the 4th floor. Then once you get to the final boss, he will start face rolling you depending on your class. This dungeon is the easiest to clear as the Assassin class due to their recent stealth buff. According to the official forums, Tower of Mushin is the hardest to clear as a Force Master and Destroyer due to their lengthy cool down on escape skills. Other than that I spent a good three to four hours on clearing this dungeon for the first time. The 2nd run took about an hour as I am finally getting used to the boss attacks and patterns.


A rare drop from the 4th Boss of Tower of Mushin

Lastly, I thought that the Tower of Mushin was a fun idea. The concept is really interesting because they can add extra floors in the future, perhaps this will be a never ending tower everytime the level cap rises. The rewards are a little bit better than the recently added 24 man instance dungeon which is just right in my opinion. Now players have a new place to hang out in after they have finished gearing up in 24 man dungeon. The best equipment and items are still only obtainable in the final raid dungeon called Bloody Shark Harbor.

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