Mabinogi 2 Arena Debut

mainNexon Korea just revealed their hidden title for GStar 2012 and it is Mabinogi 2 Arena. The developers want to continue the original Mabinogi philosophy but they also wanted to create a new type of genre called MMO-Arena. The game is running on a self developed engine called Silvervine Engine because the developers want full control over the environment and motions of each character. For those of you who want to learn more about this game and see it in action then check out the latest trailer and information right below.

Mabinogi 2 Arena HD Trailer *New*

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GameMeca Media News Camera View - Mabinogi 2 Arena Teaser Trailer

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Mabinogi 2 Arena Teaser Trailer

GameMeca Media News Camera View "Smash" Skills and Action

When the word Arena comes into play, most people think of a PvP game but the manager of DevCat said that Mabinogi 2 Arena isn't all about Arena and PvP. The reason they added Arena into the title is because they want to make viewers enjoy Mabinogi 2 Arena as a spectator, so everyone can also enjoy the game even if they are not playing. Perhaps the developers are planning to add some competitive edge for this game in the future, eSports anyone?


Players will be able to customize their own character by mixing up the five classes, five combat styles, and five body types. The developers also want to give Mabinogi 2 Arena a Fighting Game theme so they added features such as team attacks, grabbing, throwing enemies, countering, blocking, picking up items, riding animals, monsters, slapping (Yes, it's real), and etc. It is supposed to be a bit similar to Mabinogi Heroes aka Vindictus but a lot easier because there are only three keys which are Z, X, and C. Hmmm, three keys sounds a bit too little doesn't it? Perhaps they will add more in the future! The devs want to make the game less spammy because a lot of action MMORPG's out there is all about spamming all of your skills on the hotbar. In Mabinogi 2 Arena they want the game to be more player skill based and less spam. There is supposed to be a live demo at GStar 2012 so more trailers and previews will surface in a few weeks.


Mabinogi 2 Arena is an Action MMORPG and they also want to make it more user friendly by being able to warp to your friends instantly, entering your own instance space, and etc. At the same time it is also an Action MORPG because players can create their own instance with other players. Players can spectate other people in their dungeons or interact with them by giving them potions or the players who is actually playing can also share their rewards to their spectators. Which makes the game a lot funner for everyone because both parties benefit from each other. This is really nifty feature because when other players are dungeoning and they happen to pick up an item that maybe bound on pick up, they can probably just toss it to one of their spectators. The same goes if you're spectating, if someone runs into a boss and happens to need help then a spectator can assist them!


The difficulty of the game is a lot less punishing than Mabinogi Heroes aka Vindictus. If you have played that title before then you should be aware that it requires you to memorize patterns very carefully. In Mabinogi 2 Arena the PvE content is a lot more forgiving and should be more user friendly compared to Mabinogi Heroes. I suppose the difficulty will go up in the future but because the game is new, the developers want to attract a lot of players for now. The developers points out that Mabinogi 2 Arena is a lot like Mabinogi Heroes but once you start playing, it will be a totally different game. The gameplay will have some of the stuff that original Mabinogi players enjoyed like the wide variety of Smash skills!


Mabinogi 2 Arena's world is called Avalon and the God's are fighting each other for power. The players are called Warriors of Oriana and they must conquer and fight their way through the storyline to find out the dark secrets of the Gods.

Developer: DevCat | Nexon Korea | NC Soft Korea
Publisher: Nexon Korea | NC Soft Korea
Game Site: N/A