Icarus Online Preview

mainWeMade Entertainment just launched their website for their upcoming Flying Fantasy MMORPG called Icarus Online. With it's recent website debut, they have released a lot of new gameplay videos along with dazzling new screenshots that is available right below! Some of the unique features of Icarus Online is the fellow and combo system, which I will explain in detail right after the cut. This is probably only one of the few good looking PC titles WeMade Entertainment has to offer this year at GStar 2012. Then again they have a lot of awesome mobile games this year!


With the fellow system players will be able to capture monsters in the field, shortly after capturing them they will also be able to level them up and train along with it. Players will also be given the option to mount on their new companion, perform offensive actions like skills and auto attack while riding it! I guess, this kind of explains why the players are riding dragons in the screenshots below! In Icarus Online there is a wide variety of unique fellows a player can acquire ranging from ground to flying mounts. Pokemon all over again but I don't mind, I want my flying Dragon or a Rainbow Unicorn.


Flying Fellow!?

Icarus Online has a lot of stuff to keep their community busy. For example, a huge guild can be promoted to their own faction. The game also has it's own political system where guilds can own lands and change policies of the NPC's. Guilds can also own a castle which will be lots of fun when it comes down to PvP content like siege warfare! Wow, it's going to be really crazy raiding castles with aerial units. Death from above anyone?


Now only if they had 50 dragons coming down!

One of the cool features of Icarus Online is their unique combat system. A bit similar to a fighting game players can chain their skills after another and perform air combos! Executing lengthy combos will grant a player an increase in damage. As of the moment the game currently has five playable classes which are Berserker, Guardian, Priest, Assassin, and Wizard. It's kind of hard to tell if this game is point and click or not, but it does look actiony in a way. Honestly, I am more interested in the fellow system. It's always nice to explore and fly around in MMORPG's brings me back to the good old days of that one weird game called Flyff.

Playable Class Gameplay Videos

Berserker Gameplay

Guardian Gameplay

Assassin Gameplay

Priest Gameplay

Wizard Gameplay

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com