Kingz Online Debut

mainWith GStar 2012 only a day away Logiworks just released a new trailer on their upcoming empire simulation MMORPG called Kingz Online The Legendary Kingdom. If this is your first time hearing about this title, it's an upcoming MMORPG where every player can be a King. The game looks like it has a lot of potential for players that enjoy creating and expanding their base RTS or Farmville style. For those of you who want to learn more about Kingz in detail and the unique system it has offer or simply want to see the latest GStar 2012 gameplay, then go on ahead and read more!

Kingz GStar 2012 Trailer

As I have previously stated one of the unique features of this game is the ability to manage your own kingdom in a separate instance from the games' world. With this instance system, every player will be able to start their own kingdom from scratch. This game should have probably been called Kingdomz but then again there are too many games with the name Kingdom in their name at the moment. Back on topic, some of the things that players can build in their instance are houses, farms, a castle, and pretty much everything you can image to start their own kingdom! Players have complete control over their kingdom, so if you're a nice player you can treat your citizens well. If you're a mean person, then you can kill your citizens and burn their homes for fun T_T.


Now you're probably wondering where the MMORPG part comes into play right? Other than your own instance where you create stuff, the outside world is where players must actually hunt and kill things so that they can expand their kingdom better. For example, the world bosses in this game will drop items that can boost your kingdoms progression greatly. To clear things up there are two kinds of progression for everyone in this game and they are Kingdom level and player level. Buildings play a strong part in creating the perfect kingdom, for example constructing a Port Harbor will grant access to the trading system.


Kingz Online also offers a unique card system that is classified in to three special types. The first type of card is a Dominating type, when used it boosts the amount of resources your kingdom harvests, level up a certain buildings ability, and anything related to your Kingdom. The second type of card is called a Skill card which players actually equip on themselves for combat and such. There are level limitations to the skill cards depending on that players kingdom level. A higher level kingdom will grant a player more skill card slots and access to stronger skill cards. The last skill card is called a Hero card which is used during siege warfare or inside a players kingdom instance. When used, it will summon units to aid you in your battle to fend off those nasty plunderers or when you want siege another players kingdom. Lastly, to make things more exciting for everyone the developers added three different kinds of card rarity which are Common, Rare, and Unique. It looks like Kingz will have a lot of fun stuff to keep players busy, it will even offer a trading card system with other players and a card combining system.

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To make things more exciting Kingz Online implemented a plundering system where other players can raid and siege another players kingdom. This feature is only available when the player is actually online to defend their kingdom, so trolls can't go around plundering your kingdom while you're offline. Thanks to this system, players will have to think twice about leaving their game on when they go out for lunch or dinner! There are a lot more unique features that Kingz has to offer but this should be enough for now! Kingz is going to be B2B in Gstar 2012 which means it will be available for business purposes only. Hope you enjoyed my mini Kingz Online debut and see you on the next one!

Developer: Logiworks
Publisher: N/A
Game Site: N/A