Eclipse War Online Debut

eclipseNDOLPHIN and SG Internet just launched their new website for their upcoming MMORPG called Eclipse War Online last week. Eclipse War is a unique game that heavily focuses on its' transformation system! Players will be able to transform into almost all of the monsters and bosses in the game, just as long as they obtain the transformation card from them. The concept of the game sounds rather interesting, I am a bit curious to try it out once the first CBT hits.

Eclipse War Online

When players transform into other monsters, they will be able to use all of their previous skills from their main class along with extra skills from that transformed monster. They will also be given a bonus stat boost to their character during transformation! The funny part is it also works during PvP. If you kill a player, you will be able to obtain some of their skills and such.



Eclipse War Online is supposed to be a PvP Based type of MMORPG and the developer team is working hard on making their game look good at the same time run flawlessly. One of the NDOLPHIN's main concern is optimizing the games graphics, so that it doesn't lag a lot when there are a lot of players on the screen.


Baby Wyverns!

Eclipse War Online also has a "Food Chain" system so players will have to think twice on what kind of monster card they want to transform into before they fight against other players or monsters. For example, an Eagle type of monster is not good versus a Gorilla type! The game also offers a bunch of fun extra features like some monsters become a lot more stronger during the night or day, certain areas, conditions, and etc. This game is all about transformation, if you're in an heavily populated enemy area with a lot of Orcs. Then hunt down a few Orcs for a transformation card, use it, and walk through the area aggro free.


Gloomy Scenery

Developer: NDOLPHIN
Publisher: SG Internet
Game Site: