Air Rider Online CBT1 Preview

mainAir Rider Online will it be good or not!?  Let's take a quick Hands On preview of what's in store for you guys for future Kart Rider fans.  It may not look all that fun watching someone play but it's a whole different story once you are the one who is actually playing the game.  Many of you who are regulars here know that Steparu is not a big fan of sports games but there is something about this game that has me hooked!  Anyway, the purpose of this preview is to show gameplay so dont' be mean!

Team Gameplay 03

My favorite mode so far is the Chase Mode.  In this mode you can either Pilot your own ship alone meaning you would have to be driving and shooting and not focus on having to worry about your partner messing up.  Or you can change your plane to dual riders where you can have a NPC turtle or another Player join you in your race.  One player will need to drive while the other shoots enemies from behind or in front of you.  This will take some time to get used to specially if you and your partner can't sync!!  But you don't have to worry about lag or anything.

Team Gameplay 0


Team Gameplay 01

My first time!!

There is also another mode but it is not shown in this mini preview so stay tuned.  Expect a Closed Beta 1 review to be up in a few days, mean while back to being busy hope you enjoyed this short preview of Air Rider Online!

Developer: Lodumani
Game Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site: