Alicia Online Preview

mainA recent GM blog update released a lot of new information with awesome screenshots of the new upcoming Horse riding action game Alicia Online. Honestly, I really really really want to try out this game since it looks like Mario Kart meets Husky Express Online and stuff. So what are some updates and changes from CBT1 to CBT2? Check em out below along with the some gameplay videos of the first Closed Beta Test.

Alicia Online CBT Trailer

Gameplay video by Hwasulee of Youtube

Next to the mass amount of content upgrades Alicia Online will be recieving, there will be a big improvements between you, your character, and your horse's interaction. You can now interact and tend your pet horses in many different ways, ranging from feeding them, brushing, breeding, petting, cleaning, and many other things. Taking care of your horse and keeping it in shape should improve it's performance in the battlefield, well racing field if you aren't playing the item mode.

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Feed your horse the right food and keep it healthy!

You can feed your Horse different kinds of food like snacks and veggies. Make sure you know what kind of food your Horse likes as they may change from time to time. If they don't like the food you are giving them, they won't eat it. Feeding your Horse is important to keep it in shape!


Cleaning your horse.

Just like washing cars, you have to keep your Horse tidy up by wiping stains off him or her. Sounds troublesome? No way! Makes it more fun IMO.



There ain't no Horse out there who doesn't like to be well groomed, right? Wiping stains isn't enough, with the latest updates you can brush and groom your horse. Ah what an awesome view, I can see a lot of guys getting tired of this game already, on the other hand girls would be love to play this game.


Horse Ranch!!


A pony comes to life after Horse breeding, oh yeah!


Control Customization due to popular demand.

This game wouldn't be complete without the option to breed, mate, and match up horses. These are just some of the new updates that will be available in the next CBT2. I can already tell that this game is going to be awesome, at least I am hyped up for it. I wasn't really much of a Horse person but after reading up and watching gameplay videos of this game, I think it's got my blood boiling with excitement!

Developer: Ntreev Korea
Game Publisher: Gametree
Game Site: