Blade & Soul More PvP Content Added New Faction Area Called Hell


It's nice to see that Blade & Soul Korea will be getting another new update introducing a new area called Hell. The zone will be a bit similar to the previous PvE and PvP area called Floating Islands. Check out the lengthy HD trailer below!

Hell will have all kinds of demons, fat looking abominations, dragons, recycled monsters, and mechas. Mechas!? As you can see in the video below, one of the ancient relics is shooting missiles at the player. That's just the PvE part of the game which looks easy. When you're fighting some of these monsters and field bosses players from the opposite faction can PK you at any given moment. As this is a PvE and PvP based Red Faction vs Blue Faction area.


The new area is most likely going to be the new farming place for those that want to make gold and upgrade their weapons. I remember farming the previous PvP Faction area for a two months and made a lot of money.

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