Black Desert Online a Closer Look at Character Creation


The first day of Black Desert Online ended and I had a blast with character creation. I may have skipped a few options because I was very eager to get started with my adventures, but I did provide a customization video of all the playable characters below! Unfortunately, the Male Archer, Wizard, Blader, Tamer, and Valkyrie classes weren't available for the 2nd test.

Sorcerer is probably one of the most popular classes in the 2nd beta because everyone loves to fight and blink around with style. There are a couple pre-sets for players to choose from especially for those that aren't so great with customization like me. I noticed that each character had a limited amount of hairstyles. After selecting the hair, you're given a ton of options of how you want to style it. For example, you can extend the length of the hair, curly hair, extending the length of targeted areas, layers, etc.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of facial reconstruction one can do with Black Desert Online. I decided that I won't spend too much time on it, perhaps in the next beta. The amount of customization doesn't stop at the face alone, players can fully customize the characters body ranging from the amount of muscles in certain areas, length of arms, forearms, fingers, fingertips, butts, boobs, and pretty much everything. Another thing I liked about BDO's character creation is that you're given an option to choose between multiple lightnings. Don't you just hate when you make a perfect looking character, then when you enter a dark looking zone and notice that the colors aren't right!?

I find it odd that I spent more time trying to customize my Giant character, I have no idea why, perhaps it's because it's really hard to make an awesome looking one? I wanted to go for a Viking look, but I am no expert. I will most likely spend more time on character creation when in the next beta. I don't think that many players are interested in Giants. I wouldn't mind playing a female Giant, reminds me of the good old Mabinogi Online days.

Archer was the last character I created, I tried to give her Mikasa Ackerman look, but failed terribly! I'm not sure if I will be playing Archer class during this beta as I have played it a lot during the previous one. Lastly, here is a little early beta gameplay video below! The giant seems like a very fun class to play, too bad it's not that popular so I might play something else! Media and press accounts will be activated starting today. If you end up getting stuck at character creation, go ahead and make sure you pick a constellation.

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