Lost Ark Online Information and Debut Trailer


Smile Gate revealed a new upcoming blockbuster title called Lost Ark previously known as Project T, a Hack and Slash quarter view MMORPG. The new trailer shows off high quality graphics and beautiful skill animations. Lost Ark Online will have a grand total of 18 playable characters more details below.

Smile Gate wanted to use Unreal Engine 3 to the full potential. You will notice that a lot of the areas show off a lot of depth giving the game a non flat looking feeling for a quarter view MMORPG. The game looks like a mash up of Diablo III and Kingdom Under Fire II! This game looks really good and by speculation Smile Gate might have wanted to release this trailer before G-Star because of the upcoming rival game that is similar titled Lineage Eternal from NCSoft.


The game has been in development for more than three years now and I am surprised they kept it a secret all this time with 160 members in the development team. Aside from the various gender locked and playable characters, the game also offers various mounts with combat capabilities. The first Closed Beta is scheduled to start next year around 2015 . Looking forward to testing this game! Smile Gate started recruiting players for the first Focus Group Test on their website. I am not sure if it will be an offline LAN test or an Online test.


Game Site: http://lostark.co.kr/