Lineage Eternal Preview System Overview and Highlights


NCSoft Korea just published three new trailers and a lot of new information about Lineage Eternal. I took the time to translate most of the game features two different highlights, useful for those that just want to skim through the new updates. Be one of the first to learn more about the game below.

Game Features and Highlights Short Version

-Open World MMORPG
-Unique Skill Activation System (Mouse Cursor Movement)
-Field Event Quests
-World/Raid Bosses with 20+ Members
-Randomized Dungeons
-Dynamic Dungeons
-PK/PvP Available
-PvP Arena
-Simplified Controls for MMORPG
-Event Contribution Upper Right
-Items and Exp. obtainable solo (Event Quest)
-Showed Town with various players hanging out
-Mobile Game Support Using Cloud Connect Features
-Generic Questing System Removed
-Supports 500 Players in one area
-New Asssassin Class

Game Features and Highlights Long Version

Lineage Eternal has been in development for quite sometime now and a lot of people thought that the project was dead! The Open World MMORPG has gone through a lot of improvements during the past few years. The unique skill activation system is still present, but it seems like they also added some hotbar skills. Lineage Eternal doesn't just focus on dungeon crawling alone as it supports more than a hundred players in one area giving the game a much more of an MMORPG feel.


The developers of LE wanted stray away from the generic normal questing system where players pick up random quests in town to complete. The team felt that the process alone felt overwhelming like homework. Instead, the game offers various unique. For example, an event quests similar to GW2 where players can participate in any field quest at a given time. An event contribution bar is located on the upper right hand corner. Perhaps ranking in the top four will yield that player better rewards? :)


Just like the previous Lineage series, this version supports PvP. Here is a screenshot of the 4v4 PvP Arena in Lineage Eternal. Although it's not confirmed, players can expect some Open World PK/PvP just like the previous Lineage games.


Aside from the normal field event stuff, the randomized dynamic dungeon system is a very handy feature. This alone should keep players occupied let alone add some replay value on the dungeons that support it.

Don't let the large scale bosses of this game fool you! These big bad scary monsters require more than just one party to take down. As you can see in the image below, one special move can instant wipe everyone on the field. Thankfully, the players in this demo were provided with resurrection scrolls.


Developers are working on making the game accessible from anywhere using cloud gaming. Perhaps this is one of the reason why they went along with simple controls for an MMORPG. Attacking with skills using swipe movements is going to be a lot of fun! That's all for now. Depending on my free time, I might go over the upcoming G-Star 2014 Lineage Eternal stuff scheduled to go live on the 20th of this month. The first Closed Beta for Lineage Eternal Online is scheduled to start during the first half of 2015.

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Lineage Eternal Online
Developer: Team Eternal |
Publisher: NCSoft Korea |
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