Record of Lodoss War Online is a Classical MMORPG


The 1st CBT for L&K Logic Korea's Record Lodoss War had just ended and I managed to get to test it. Normally, I would be writing a lengthy review or preview, but had other reasons so read on below. You can also view the new promotion trailer that was released earlier today.

Record of Lodoss War is a true classical MMORPG and no, I'm not talking about just the title of the game alone. Even the gameplay and graphics art seems to be classic which fits perfectly well with theme of the game given its history. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into the game as much as I had hope for and I had other games to test. I'm sure there other people would enjoy the classical style gameplay!

I did manage to record a single gameplay video above, it's rather short so you'll have to deal with it! I had some trouble with the questing system since I can't really read Korean, so I ended up following the arrows and clicking stuff. Nothing special about the questing system other than kill "x" monsters. The one thing I didn't like about the beta was that I could hear other players skills even from a mile away. The beta only had three playable characters with a 4th character planned. I believe this game was suppose to hit the Japanese market, but it got delayed for some reason. Anyhow, this is all I can share for now. Enjoy!

Developer: L&K Logic Korea
Publisher: L&K Logic Korea
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