Hyper Universe Online Gameplay Preview


My Hyper Universe Adventures ended rather early because I had a lot of other games to test this week, but I did create new videos for you guys to watch! Hyper Universe is a very high-quality 2D MOBA/AOS game that has a strong focus on the Jungling mechanics. This game needs more attention though I'm sure everyone is probably too busy playing the mainstream MOBA/AOS titles.

You'll see a lot of random ladder humping in the game. Huh!? Yeah, as you can see this is a 2D MOBA/AOS and everytime an enemy player tries to get away by climbing up the ladder, you knock em out of the ladder by attacking them, or if they're too high up in the ladder, you can hump it with the spacebar key.

The nice thing about this game is players don't really have to fight for lanes as much because the only towers are in mid lane. All of the characters are capable of jungling and is a must early on, but of course there are certain characters that can jungle extremely well while some others jungle really slow. The game does have multiple roles such as AD Carry, Bruiser, Tank, etc.

Some of the characters look like spinoffs of other characters from other games, movies, or etc. I still had a blast playing the game, it would have been better if I didn't lag so much! I'll definitely be participating in the next beta since there are a lot of other characters I want to try out. Anyway, enjoy all the gameplay videos I've created so far~

Hyper Universe Previous Test Gameplay Videos

Developer: CWAVESOFT
Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site: http://hu.nexon.com/