Bless Online Gameplay of the First Two Dungeons


In continuation of my Bless Online adventures, I decided to reroll once again on a more populated server because I'm most likely going to "try" to get to the end game part of the game and perhaps join a RvR/GvG guild for fun. Meanwhile, I'm slowly making some progress and prepared two new gameplay videos for you guys featuring the first set of dungeons of the game along with some more personal impressions.

The game doesn't really have a party dungeon finder system, but there is seems to be LFG system where you can flag yourself for a specific dungeon and hope that you get ninja invited to the party. I've done dungeons a lot and it seems like the loot settings is always set to "round-robin", not being able to fully understand Korean at all, I usually just leave the loot on the floor unless it says like "Dex" or "Leather" on it in Korean using Google Translate if needed.

There should be another dungeon coming up, but I might skip it and just focus on quest hub grinding for now. I may do some RvR tonight for fun! The servers are still a bit funky and players are often getting kicked out randomly. It's not so bad when a DPS gets disconnected, but when a Tank DC's... all hell breaks lose as the boss can one shot non-tanky players. Having recently moved on to a populated server, my login queue was one hour long so I ended up calling it a night when I got dc'ed in a dungeon, since my party will most likely not be there anymore. Logging in shouldn't be much of a problem on the less populated servers though.


You're probably wondering if I'm enjoying the game or not. Honestly, it's hard to say since this is like my 7th time playing through the game again in various characters maybe even more. At around 23ish I stopped paying attention to the quests and loaded up Netflix on my 2nd monitor while quest hub grinding. I usually do this when playing or grinding games like B&S and BDO. I really don't have to worry about getting ganked much until level 30+ because that's the level when I will start meeting other enemy faction players.


I suppose I'm enjoying it just a little bit, but not overly. I mainly want to progress to explore the PvP aspects of the game and see some end-game dungeons if any. It doesn't seem like a game I would stay up 24 hours and play non-stop unless I have nothing to do. The Pokemon system is cool and reminds me of Icarus Online or Riders of Icarus, except there is no minigame involved when taming. I do believe I can tame a flying mount later, so bit excited for that. Anyway, I will continue my Bless Online adventures and perhaps write a review later.

Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz PMANG
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