Bless Online PvP Gameplay Preview Max Level Battles


The PvP in Bless Online is keeping me a bit occupied since I don't have to worry about players with overpowered gear for the time being. There seems to be a lot of PvP action going on right outside of the endgame dungeon entrance where a group of players or a big guild would come and wreck havoc to players looking for parties, lol.

I kind of want to try leveling another new job, but with other games coming up, I don't think I have time for that. Plus I really need a new weapon from Patala Ruins so I can DPS better in field battles and snipe the healers better.

I also tried out the faction 100vs100, but after a bad experience of lag fest, it doesn't seem to be a worth the trouble of trying to get into, unless the rewards are good. The open world faction PvP is much funner, now if I can only find a welcoming PvP guild to get more action!