Soulworker Online New Teaser Revealed for Extra Closed Beta and Pre-Registrations


Just a short reminder to those participating in the Soul Worker Online Extra Closed Beta that the client download is now available. You have to login the official website using Internet Explorer and click the game start button to begin. My launcher download is fairly fast even with the servers being so far away  from USA about 8MB a sec.

As you can see pressing game start download is a lot faster, so don't ask for direct download link. The Extra CBT is open to all players, there will be a data wipe, but your character name will be reserved for the Open Beta, which is supposedly "soon" cough. If you want to Pre-Register for the game you can do so by following this link. I don't want to sound like a broken record in all of my Soul Worker Online posts, but I know someone is going to be asking about the situation. The game website is blocked, the launcher is semi blocked you can off when the download starts, the game itself isn't so you can play lag free, you're welcome. Hmmm, what else, I guess I'll add the dance picture below again for fun. Have fun and cheers~! 



Developer: Liongames Korea
Publisher: NHN Hangame Japan
Game Site: