Lineage Eternal PK and PvP System Preview


I haven't gone around to writing the PvE portion part of my Lineage Eternal preview, but I decided to write about my PvP and PK experience first. I had more fun more with the PvP and PK'ing content more than the PvE, maybe I'm just an evil cat. Anyway, the game has some pretty heavy penalties to PK'ers that will make players think twice about PK'ing others and bullying. If you're too lazy to read block texts, I've also provided a tl;dr version at the end or some of my personal notes before writing big stuff. Just a warning, this information might be valid for the 1st CBT only.

First of all, you can toggle PK mode by pressing Ctrl+P you need to kill a player within a certain time frame or else it will automatically toggle itself off. Once you've killed a few players, you're going to be in PK Karma mode and you can no longer toggle PK off. It gets pretty serious from here on out because when you die, there is a chance that your item will drop. Since the game features a multiple character tag system, there is a chance that one of your characters on the F1-F4 tag out slot will drop an item. If you're super unlucky, you might just lose your +9 or +99 item and you're screwed! Notice that I mentioned +99, it seems like there was a bug where some players had +50 "normal white grade" and over items during the beta which gave them God Mode. Enchanting in this game isn't consistent so you get a ton of extra bonus stats each time you upgrade your item further. Perhaps they will make some changes to enchanting with items exploding in the next test. I've lost a couple of items getting killed with PK Status on like offhand weapons, armors, accessories, and sigils. Thankfully, some characters share the same type of gear. If you lost a plate armor, you can just steal another one from your backup characters. The same goes with accessories although I can't say the same for weapons. It seems like some weapons are exclusive for certain eternals only.


You can PK everyone out in the open field and open world dungeons, though they're not going to drop items unless they have PK mode turned ON. You should be careful of who you're going to PK because you never know they might have some OP hidden card with an over geared character in their F1-F4 character slots. PK'ing with guild members is probably the safest way to PK because when your items drop, they can try to ninja it before others. There is another issue that might become a problem in the future. It wasn't much of a problem during the 1st beta because everyone only had time to gear up one or two characters. That is the tagging out system using F1-F4 keys. The game has two kinds of potions. The first one is a red potion which heals your active eternal that you currently have out. The second potion heals all Eternals equipped on your F1-F4 slot. As I said it wasn't an issue during 1st CBT, but in the future players will probably take 1-2 super godlike tanking characters and chug those full heal pots and drag out the battle indefinitely or to whoever has the best gear. From what I have noticed, gear and enchants plays a big role in the game in PvP and PK'ing.

You can still friendly-fire other PK'ers in your party and to prevent this issue from happening you must be in the same guild. Speaking of guilds, you can also declare war or start war against multiple guilds at any given time. However, it's still unconfirmed if there is a chance an item will drop on death for the enemies killed. That would be kind of crazy if it did XD! Other stuff worth mentioning is the reviving on the spot thing, which might be a cash shop or special mileage feature. The game also offers passive mastery system similar to League of Legends along with being able to equip two summoner spells or active skills which plays a big role in the PvP and PK system. A lot of Koreans have been speculating an additional MOBA PvP system in the future.



PK & PvP Information - Steparu Notes TL;DR Version
-Your name is White, but Red to others.
-Instant Karma after a few PK's.
-Your Characters on F1-F4 chance to drop item on death.
-Example, getting killed by a player.
- - Enemy PK item drop.
-PK'ers only drop 0-1 item at a time.
-PK is not consensual.
-PK'ed players who don't have PK toggled on won't drop items.
-However, they can kill you and you drop your items.
-It takes awhile to clear your PK.
-Guards in town and outposts will aggro you on PK mode.
-You can't tag out while you're stunned, thus Assassin fest.
-PvP was broken, some people bugged out +99 items.
-There are potions that heal all your F1-F4 at ONCE.
-Example, F1-F3 is low HP. F4 Super Tank. Full HP Pot. GG
-The game has masteries and summoner spells.
-Similar to League of Legends (KR's thinking MOBA plans.)
-You can friendly fire a PK'er in your party!
-To prevent friendly fire, add them to your Guild.
-I got friendly fired a couple of times, lol.
-PvP/PK is all about gear enchants and plays a big role.
-There is revive on spot (cash item?) and revive at a node.
-Most players only had time to gear one PK character.
-You can declare war against others guilds.
-Unconfirmed if enemy guild will drop items on death.

There are other things to talk about, but since it's the 1st CBT, I won't go into detail given things change from beta to beta. I'll be uploading some more PvP and PvE videos in my SteparuTV Channel later this week or next week so follow me there if you're interested XD. The whole world events and quest system seems like a good way to bait players into PvE and run into PK'ers. It seems like this game will have an interesting side of PK and Open-World PvP system. I didn't get to experience such PK adventures in Lost Ark as it was more Arena based. I enjoyed both games in terms of PvP. I would like to see more open world action in Lost Ark aside from the Arena PvP modes. It would be neat if both games had something a bit similar to B&S PvP item equalization which has Esports in South Korea.

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