Astellia Online 1st Closed Beta Preview

astellia main1cbt

The first day of Astellia's Closed Beta had just ended and it didn't go well as the servers went down often resulting in angry testers! Anyhow, I've learned some new things about the game that I would like to share with you guys! The character select screen looked really beautiful so I decided to step it up a notch and record it in UltraHD 4K resolution.

Aside from the whole gender-locked thing going on, the game doesn't have any customization features at all, I mean like zero! It's the 1st Closed Beta, so I'll cut em some slack or maybe it's intentional?! The full prologue tutorial was 30-minutes long so I ended up editing the video down to 13-minutes, I will upload the full version at a later date.

During the tutorial, you will get your first Astel. You can press the J key to see which ones you've obtained so far. From there on out, you can drag that "Astel Card" icon down to your hot bar and summon it from there. From what I have experienced so far, you can only have one Astel out indefinitely. When you summon a second one, you will gradually deplete your Astel yellow stamina bar which is located right next to the MP bar right above the quick slots. The depletion rate depends on how many Astel summons you have out! Thankfully, you can manage your other Astels by summoning it, using a skill, and recalling it. This way, you can still have your main Astel out and about tanking stuff.

Not really fond of the whole tab-targeting and slow gameplay experience, I decided to reroll into a more speedy job, which was the Rogue. At least I can zoom around the screen with this character and make it look more interesting, I might level him up as my main during the CBT, or perhaps I should try out the characters as well.  One of the nice things about Astellia Online is that it has an abundance of side-quests that players can click on and they will auto-run to the spot! The world is similar to Tera Online with large maps, but not one big seamless map like Black Desert Online. It also has those random blue portal dungeons similar to Blade & Soul. The game seems okay so far, I'm hoping that it picks up during my 2nd day of testing.

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