Lost Ark Online Introduction to New Areas and Bosses

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The Lost Ark Online team released another game update preview today revealing new areas, a new guardian raid, bosses, and a little bit of background story pertaining the new and old regions of the game. As someone who is usually not interested in story or lore, I had some fun reading and translating the content below. Unfortunately, no new information in regards to when the next CBT starts. Grab something to drink and continue on below for the latest Lost Ark info!

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Rohendel Home of the Mages
-A mysterious magical continent!
-This is the new starting zone of the mage jobs such as Arcana, Summoner, and the secret job Bard.
-Explore the beautiful landscapes of Rohendel to discover the calm and peaceful personalities of the Cylins race.
-If you've been following the game, this area wasn't available in CBT1.

The land of Rohendel, a place where you can find unique plants and fairies not available in other regions.

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Rohendel is a magnificent magical place filled with life and nature.
Here you will discover beautiful flowers and mystical creatures soaring through the skies.

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What is this magical staff? (Left Image)
What kind of areas will I discover upon riding a large dandelion? (Right Image)
My heart throbs with excitement!

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The Story of the Ruthless Lutherans continues to the Eastern Region

The Kingdom of Lutheran was founded by Lutheran who was one of the greatest heroes born during the Chain War. The Lutheran royal lineage dates back as far back as 500 years. From the Lutheran Castle POV, you can get a glimpse of mother nature from the Western side. Looking on to the eastern side, you will discover ancient ruins, relics, and large stone monuments.

Throughout history, the greatest warriors and fighters originated from Lutheran.
Thus this attracted a lot of attention and many Warriors from all over the world migrated and chose Lutheran as their home.

The people from Eastern Region of Lutheran are suffering from Pagans.

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Aman, who is trying to save others from suffering through the hands of Pagans walks down a very dangerous path.
I've got a bad feeling that a powerful demon will appear out of nowhere.

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Mad Warchief Kukuseiteun has appeared!
What can we find hiding underneath that majestic clown disguise?

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Totoike is a large island who is really a Giant Stone Golem.
-500 years ago, Totoike entered a deep slumber and became an island.
-During this time, the Mococo Dwarf like race and Golems began civilization in the area.
-They tamed docile insects to run farms and harvest plants for them.
-They lived a peaceful life in a remote area where no other races were able to enter.

You'll be able to adventure and explore the wonders of Totoike Island soon!

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In the Dwarven world, the chickens are extremely large! (Left Image)
What's going on? As the Destroyer struggles to climb the large compass. (Right Image)

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Transformed into a lady bug! (Left Image)
I stumbled upon some strange rocks with a frustrated look on their face
I also found some cute glowing eggs with feet.
What kind of stories will they tell us? (Right Image)

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Ardetain the city with Advanced Technology
-Ardetain is an advanced mechanical city surrounded by the desert.
-Due to its location, not many Countries showed much interest.
-The leaders of Ardetain are also not interested in what's happening outside of their great and powerful city.
-The researchers from Ardetain invented machines to help them survive the harsh environment of the desert.
-Modified their bodies and evolved into a new race called Kenain, a race with blue blood.
-They parted ways and abandoned God's true red blood.

During the 1st CBT, some of you may have seen a part of Ardetain during the Gunner's Prologue.
Please look forward to the upcoming new contents of Ardetain in the 2nd CBT!

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The city of Sterne provides power throughout the region of Ardetain, boasts in great power. (Left Image)
The great tower of Airgates, built in the middle of the desert. (Right Image)
A construct built by Kenain's who wants to achieve and become the same level with God through evolution.

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Something important is glowing above the Kenain's hand. (Left Image)
Don't miss out on the giant airship and mecha robot. Ardetain sure has an interesting atmosphere. (Right Image)

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Everything is Frozen by the cold weather in ShuShire.
The Shushire continent is a region with extreme cold weather that never passes.
Most of the citizens of Shusire become slaves on their own will.
A number of citizens who are sold as slaves aren't returning.
Please use your power and protect the people of Shusire from the hands of the greedy and wealthy people.
Only the greedy and wealthy people are able to survive the harsh conditions of Shusire.
Thus there is no hope for the ordinary citizens and in order to survive, they must become slaves.

The fierce winds that engulf Shusire can cause a lot of trouble to the residents.

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Frozen Shusire Images
I can't imagine living comfortably in a place like this.

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On my way back from a journey, I met a stray wolf named Popo that I ended up feeding. (Left Image)
Trying to talk to someone amidst in Slave Trade. Will the investigation be succesful? (Right Image)

Part 2 - Challenge the New Enemies!

Powerful and Challenging Bosses Awaits You.
The new monsters you'll be able to fight in the 2nd CBT have their own unique and interesting stories.

A more powerful Guardian, Regioros.

Do you remember Berutooth? The unbeatable boss that devoured and trampled over everyone in in the 1st CBT. There are a lot of unknown powerful guardians residing in the snow region of Lost Ark Online. We will introduce one of the newer ones in this preview named Regioros.

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-Regioros lives in an extremely cold place in the Arctic region.
-Although the Regioros is large in size, it's unbelievably extremely agile.
-To make things scarier, there are two types of Regioros.
-A Regioros with the power of darkness and the other with the power of freezing.
-Both will be able to subdue your party in multiple ways.

The Ancient Spirit Chuo

-Chuo was a sacred ancient spirit guardian that protected the Anzutsu forest.
-The guardian has kept peace throughout ancient times and prevented countless catastrophes in the past.
-Chuo was a neutral Guardian that protected Justice and Peace of the Anzutsu forest people.
-While fending off evil, the Chuo became tainted darkness.

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After becoming engulfed in darkness the Chuo transformed into a very violent beast.
Chuo literally uncontrollably destroyed everything in its path.
If you happen to drive out some of the dark energy surrounding Chuo, he is still unable to make rational decisions.
Even today, Chuo resides in the deep forest waiting for heroes to set him free from the darkness consuming him.
Please challenge and save Chuo to set him free!
(It doesn't mention if Chuo is a field boss, world boss, or guardian raid boss.)

Marie the Weapons Maker

"Kenains are going to become the masters of this world, isn't that right, Francoise?"

-Marie Faurenz is one of the five royal bodyguards of Kain, who is the leader of Ardetain.
-She is a scientist in her late teens at around 17~19 years old.
-Marie specializes in crafting various weapons and exceptionally large ones.
-Has a lot of charisma and a selfish personality but wants to be acknowledged by Kain who she deeply admires.
-She likes dolls, but has a strange taste. So she ends up mixing dolls and mechas as a hobby.
-Ended up naming her robot Francoise.
(Also doesn't mention what kind of boss she is, she might be story related?)

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Part 3 - Other Changes Story Related

Sillian and Aman personality patch in the story quest.

Now you will be able to feel team work with Aman's NPC in the story quest. In CBT1 the NPC only protected Sillian. However, in CBT2 the NPC will protect both you and Sillian while fighting the Dark Commander.

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After obtaining the first Ark from the King's of Tomb Cinematic Dungeon. (Shown Below)
The real journey begins and players must set course and travel to other continents in search for the other Arks.
In this preview, we introduced some of the new contents of the game.
Don't worry, there are still a ton of hidden regions and bosses yet to be introduced in CBT2!
Thank you for your interest in Lost Ark Online and please look forward to the next game preview update.
The next Lisha's letter is going to be hot just like the weather this Summer!

That should sum up most of the stuff! I hope you guys enjoyed reading the translated letter as much as I enjoyed writing it. It took six hours translating since Korean is like my 4th language and all and my Korean friend on KakaoTalk is like zombie from staying up late. I'm really looking forward to the next CBT2 and hope I can get some new footage for you guys. I'm still deciding on what job to play, leaning towards Arcana. The Destroyer looks so cool though. Need something nice in PvP. Anyhow, have a great day and see ya guys in the next letter!

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