God Slayer CryEngine3 Action MMORPG Final Test Preview

godslayer online

CryEngine 3 Action MMORPG God Slayer Online is one of the few PC games that I'm currently testing at the moment. Roughly two years had passed since I last picked up this game during the early beta and it seems like God Slayer Online has gone through various changes and upgrades compared to today's build. Some of these changes are really nice while some may have users baffled.

God Slayer Online currently has four playable characters which are currently gender-locked. A Male dual-wielding Assassin, Male Blade Master, Female Magician, and a Female Healer. You may be able to select an alternate gender in the future as the male and female symbol was present during the character creation process or that was just there so people won't think that certain characters are a trap. No full body customization this time around, but plenty of facial features, hairstyles, and outfits. I spent too much time during the customization because I went crazy trying on all the beautiful dresses. I'm sucker when it comes to clothes and cosmetics, which is why I love some of these eastern oriental games that is similar to Moonlight Blade.

Getting down to the combat basics, it feels a lot like Kritika fused with the Devil May Cry combo system. Combat doesn't feel too fluid, but that's probably lag kicking in. You can't rack up your combo bar by spamming the left click which is your default attack or using the same skills consecutively. You must alternate your skills and mix in your left click and right click in between the skills otherwise you will lose your chain combo. You get a damage bonus when you reach S rank, so it's always nice to get S Rank as soon as possible! Just make sure you evade attacks using the dodge key. Overall, the game really does feel like an Action MMORPG. However, there is one thing that made me WTF in this game and that is the built in AUTOPLAY feature?!?! I really didn't see autoplay coming in an Action MMORPG. Alright, so how it works is you can setup your own macro on the skill page, here you can set and customize your skill to activate in a specific order, one after the other. Once you're done setting up your macro, you can go to a crowded area and press the "H" key. This will toggle on autoplay and it will attack and fight monsters while you're AFK sleeping or having lunch. Thus you will see some high mob density zones and a bunch of AFK player trains out and about on the field, lol. The leveling system in the game can get somewhat tedious and there seems to be a stamina or daily cap, so you really can't AFK grind all day, even if you wanted to.

God Slayer Online has a unique skill system where players can change their skills into various elements such as Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind, and more. For example, you can change your left-click default attack to any element. If you want a flaming swords, switch it to fire. If you want a cool ice cold sword, switch it to Ice build. You can do this anytime you want as long as you're not in combat. It also works for ALL of your skills enhancing and giving it special effects such as freezing. Players can mix and match these elements together and go hybrid or all out on one element. Another thing to note is that some of the element changes may change your skill completely depending on the element you use. Okay, now that I got that out of the way. Like all the other Chinese games, this game also has a quest helper system where you can click on a quest and it will autorun you to where you need to go. Thank god for this feature in Asian games for noobs who can't read Chinese like me, lol.

In the end, that game itself is not that great nor bad. I'm gonna keep it installed for now and try to level up some more during my free time and see what's in store for me later on. I was actually a bit disappointed because I was expecting to fight challenging large scale monsters or bosses given the title of the game is God Slayer, but none of that was really present during my level 1-39 adventures. There were some big monsters here and there, but they were kind of meh. Perhaps level 40 and up might be more interesting, stay tuned! I'll be uploading some higher level content later unless the final test ends.

Game Site: http://mh.changyou.com