Caravan Stories New Teaser Trailer and Information

caravan new teaser

The unique looking Japanese Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories developed by Aiming received a new teaser today revealing playable characters, combat gameplay, story cutscenes, system info, raid fights, and more. I actually tested this game earlier this year so let me share some information.

The game had a really unique old-school shading style that fits extremely well with the Anime'ish theme, combat gameplay, on the other hand, wasn't that special. During the beta, you can only move your character around by tapping the screen, after some CBT1 user-feedback, they added a d-pad on the bottom left of the screen for the mobile device. PC users can probably move around with WASD or arrow keys.

The 1st CBT was kind of plague with a lot of auto-play which was a huge letdown because there was literally no strategy involved. What kind of game is Caravan Stories? It's a hero and monster collection type of game where you can earn NPC characters through story, gacha, or catching normal monsters on the field. Apart from your customizable main character, you'll be able to change your field avatar to any NPC character that you've collected. Get your dream team going and aggro a mob by walking right up to it. From there, you can select a skill and activate em via tap or and drag the skill to the monster or floor. Other players can also aggro that same monster and they would automatically join your battle real-time. A very useful feature for field bosses and raid monsters of the game as they tend to have a lot of HP.

The game is called Caravan Stories because you're going to be lugging around a fully customizable Caravan, think of it as a moving house. You can also enter inside your Caravan and craft/build facilities that you can interact with such as gold mining, gacha, crystal shop, pet facilities, etc. This was an interesting and a lot of people made some unique looking Caravans during the beta. The biggest problem the game had during the test was that the combat gameplay didn't really feel exciting enough, hopefully, they've had the time to improve this by now in terms of speed and team attacks.

Oh and another thing you should know is that I was able to collect other characters from other races. After I completed my mainstory as a Human, it asked me if I wanted to play through the Orc story. I thought it would wipe my data, but it didn't and I was able to use all my Human characters for the Orc mainstory. I was actually super hyped for this game when they first announced it as a cross-platform PC and mobile game. Not so excited about the game anymore due to the beta being kind of bland, perhaps it will be better in the next test.

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