Alchemia Story a Super Cute F2P Friendly Anime MMORPG

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There were a lot of new MMORPG's that came out for the mobile device last week and Alchemia Story was one of the few that stood out for me due to it being a very F2P friendly game. It's actually a game I would gladly recommend to players that are looking to play a nice MMORPG without spending money.

The game doesn't lock you out of any paywalls and you can beat most of the content for free, though the only wall you'll encounter and suffer from in Alchemia Story, is if you can't read Japanese well. There are certain quests that require you to craft or collect materials like Potatoes. Even then I would still suggest trying the game out! The customization in this game is very cute and fun. Once you finish customizing your own character, you will be able to customize your own partner, which is called YOME. Your partner will help you fight battles, navigate your quests, craft items, etc. 


My main character is a little bit thick, but that's okay! Steparu nee-sama just had too much to eat. I made my partner as a kawaii looking imouto that I can squeeze and stuff. Like most Japanese games, this one also uses a Gacha system with 8-10% rates for the Ultimate Rare, which is great compared to most 0-1% games. You can equip items on both your partner and self along with customizing a unique set of skills for each one. The game also uses job change system similar to Logres JRPG where you can level up multiple jobs to share passives and selective actives. I must admit that the combat isn't very exciting since it's a turn-based game, but the option to perform simultaneous special duo attacks with your partner or other players is a big win for me. I do worry about the amount of content there is though for someone that hardcore plows through the game non-stop.

If you don't mind the language barrier and trying to figure your way out through some of the quests then I suggest trying the game out. I was able to get by and finish the whole story using the Google Translate app on my tablet or phone. I'm wondering how the developers are gonna make money since everything is so free. The current Nyanko Gacha always gives a guaranteed UR per 10-roll. A pretty good deal for newbies, I was able to roll that 4-5 times without spending money in the game, worth mentioning that you also get a free 10x weapon roll later in the story. Most of my jobs in the game are level 30-40 by now! Even if you end up being a weakling five plus other players can join your battle and zerg rush your mob, lol. They're planning on releasing advanced jobs later so I'm pretty excited for that. I might end up buying real-money for the game just to support the developers since they aren't as greedy as other publishers and developers. All they need to bait me in is to add some cute outfits or something. Finally, an MMORPG that you can enjoy without being forced to spend monies!

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