ArcheAge CBT3 Report Day 1

mainAs many of you may know I am quite busy with ArcheAge this week, this game seems to take up a lot of your time. ArcheAge also seems to be very heavy on your computer especially when you run the game with max settings, Ultra High, and 1920x1080 resolution. Character creation was pretty simple, I didn't have a chance to record it this time around. There were only 3 choices for character creation so it was kind of boring, I couldn't decide what race to play since nothing looked to appealing. I was stuck between playing a male character or playing a cat girl. The male characters looked cooler than the females in this game, but I ended up picking the furry instead. I am only running on three hours of sleep due to my new game addiction with ArcheAge Online, so please forgive me if something doesn't sound right. Check out the my experiences so far and enjoy watching a bunch of CBT3 day one 1080p videos below. always delivering the highest quality gameplay for your foreign gaming needs, enjoy!

Spiders! Yeah!!

Day 1 - Character Classes - How it works

Okay time to explain how character creation works upon selecting your race, you will be prompted to select three classes of your choice. There were also premade selections, if you have trouble on deciding which tree you should pick for your character job composition. Confused already?! Yeah, you pick three classes and they all level up at once. For example, I picked a mixture of Warrior, Assassin, and Mage. Such a weird combo right? I wanted to Blink, because it's OP. Now my character can sneak around, rush, blink, and do heavy damage. The ultimate flash assassin. Pretty much I can teleport around the whole fight if I wanted too. There are probably better job compositions out there, but I just wanted to make mine sound awesome.

ArcheAge Randomly Killing Stuff

Day 1 - Questing in Newbie Area is Hell

I can't express how many times I died falling in this game, it must have been like over thirty times. NO! I'm not bad. The cliffs in this game are just weird ok!? Anyway, there are story missions but I only did the first few ones. Most of the quests in this game require you to camp or kill stuff that's being camped by like 1,000 players. So I decided to get out of newbie zone as fast as I can, I ended up getting frustrated with all the quests. The quests aren't that much of a problem, it's just that a lot of the players didn't really feel like partying to complete the quest together. It usually ended up with me inviting a bunch of random guys, finishing the quest objective which takes like 30seconds, then disbanding the party after completing the quest. Now if you were to camp against 30 others and wait for the long respawn time, then you're simply screwed. So I rushed out to the other camps that was less packed with players zerging my quest items and mobs. This is one of the reason why ArcheAge takes a lot of time and patience.

ArcheAge Newbie Questing in a Cave

ArcheAge Newbie Questing Field

So I was questing in this dungeon, unfortunately you aren't given much skills as a noob so I was just trying to make use of it. You'll often see me move around while fighting, because it looks cooler like that. Quests are pretty easy to accomplish when you aren't competing for respawns and stuff. As you can see there were already a lot of users in this dungeon so it was kind of annoying to stick around too long. Both of the videos above were from super low levels so I was just randomly mashing buttons like a boss.