ArcheAge CBT3 Report Day 2

mainWelcome to Day 2 progress report for ArcheAge Online, I am once again a writing this article as a Zombie. ArcheAge fans are sure in for another treat today, as I have recorded another batch of videos in the usual Ultra High 1080p resolution. However I am little bit disappointed with Day 2, since I've been seeing a lot of recycled monsters. I did run into a huge treant boss that owned me in two to three hits. This article will be updated occasionally through out the day, so don't forget to check back often for new updates, information, videos, and my crazy experiences through out the 2nd day of ArcheAge Online.


Anyway, on to the good stuff! ArcheAge is still going strong but I have noticed that a lot of players seem to have slowed down their leveling spree, including me. I was hoping to at least reach level 20 by the end of the 2nd day of ArcheAge, but it's looking pretty grim. Now I kind of regret skipping some of the outposts since I am little bit behind on the crazy good exp from quests, but it's okay now! I seem to kill a lot faster than before especially after learned some of my new skills. Weapons and equipment plays a big role in ArcheAge so you should try to find, farm, and buy new ones as soon as you can, especially for the later levels.

Day 2 - Random Videos

Huge Treant

Being a crazy daredevil cat I decided to take on the first huge field boss that I have seen in ArcheAge Online, but it was too strong! It also kept summoning little minions which made it impossible to kill alone. It's HP barely even flinched when I attacked it, I would love to gather a team to kill this big baddie before CBT3 ends. I wonder how respawns and stuff work on these types of monsters, I am already thinking of crazy ideas like the boss would die and trees would boom out of everywhere. The lack of sleep must be getting to me, on to the next stuff!

Day 2 - Questing

Hide & Seek

There are some quests that are ridiculously easy to finish like the one above, then there are ones that are so hard and time consuming to finish. I often found myself skipping quests that take too much time to do, but this resulted me in being under leveled in the upcoming outposts. It's a good thing you can still progress through the game easily even if you are under leveled with the right set of equipment.

Questing and Duo'ing for a Mini Boss

The rhinoceros looking monster has been recycled so many times, I must have killed this monster over a hundred times or something. There are times when you will find it to annoying to solo quest, especially the ones that has a bunch of mobs ganging on you at once. It's a good thing I didn't level too far ahead, or I probably would have a lot of trouble completing the 2nd quest in the video above.

Questing in a new area

I've finally moved on to the third area, judging from the map this looks like the last area for CBT3 for my race. Maybe from here I am supposed to sail or fly to other areas? Maybe I will pay a visit to the other nations and cities of the other races, maybe end up ganking other races for fun. The quests above were pretty easy, quests like these make me happy. I wonder if I can do outpost quests from the Elf and Human nation, I can probably swim to their continent. My guesstimate says it would take an hour to reach there or something, if I was to swim.