ArcheAge CBT3 Report Day 3

mainMy ArcheAge experiences during the 3rd day of CBT3 wasn't as exciting compared to the first few days. Questing and leveling up isn't that bad yet, so far I haven't had to grind endless mobs. I've recently started collecting materials to make my ship, though it might be hard with just one person alone. I spent most of my day trying to get at least level 20+ and collecting materials for my pirate ship! Collecting materials isn't that bad, you can actually make a ship in less than a day if you had a group of ten people helping you with materials, and working on the ship labor. It's probably going to take me a couple days to make mine, unless I get some help. So what are the highlights for ArcheAge CBT Report Day 3? You'll see some cool looking new monsters like Wraiths and Dark Knights, Ship Wars, and boarding an enemy ship! I will try to keep things short, or I will run out of things to say for the final review.

Chop Chop Chop

Not enough trees in this area, I must chop and collect at least 300 logs to make the base of my ship. After that I have to collect a bunch of stones, cloth, and leather. I wonder if I will be able to finish my boat before Day 4 and Day 5 ends? I'd like to at least sail the seas of ArcheAge on my own, instead of hi-jacking on other player boats! I'll have to get started on making a lot of mules.

Day 3 - Questing

Killing Stuff

I decided to grind on some more quests on day 3, but not so much. I've noticed that a lot of players kind of stopped leveling after 20-25ish. The quests in this area was pretty easy to follow, they also added the PK system. I was ganked a couple times during day 3, but I won't be showing you guys any of that, at least not in this video.


Nothing really exciting in this video, other than me doing a bunch of quests. Leveling doesn't seem to be slowing down when you're burning through quests. The amount of exp gained from harvesting, killing monsters, and gathering seems to scale by your level.