Blade & Soul Major Update

mainPlayNC Korea just released a new trailer featuring the upcoming new content for Blade & Soul Online. The latest trailer also shows off the upcoming new class which is a Lyn Blade Master with different skills. Be one of the first to read up on everything about the new class and the detailed huge content updates for the widely popular oriental style action MMORPG Blade & Soul Online right below. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and prepare for one long article!

Blade & Soul 7 Waves Trailer & New Class

The New Playable Class - Blade Master Lyn


Female Lyn Blade Master

The new Lyn Blade Master will have a different set of skills compared to the original Blade Masters of the Jin and Kun race. Lyn BM's will have a lot of AOE skills, stunning skills, a very strong grabbing skill like the Force Master or Destroyer hold. The developers say that this class will be very easy to get used to and play. Since everyone loves flying swords, this class will also have it. The flying swords protect party members during battle. The play style will be different compared to the original BM's because of the Parry skill. A lot of Destroyers are starting to feel insecure about this new class because of the self stunning and grabbing skills. This class is a hybrid mixture of the Force Master, Destroyer, and Blade Master. Unlike the Force Master hold the Lyn Blade Master can grab bosses, going to be funky carrying bosses ten times bigger than your character.


Male Lyn Blade Master

The weapons of the Lyn Blade Master also doesn't share with the original class. In the recent interview today, one of the reporters asked about the picture below. The developers say that they might add a new dual wielding class in the future or make the Lyn BM's able to use two swords. According to their statistics 25% of the Blade & Soul players are female, so they added this new class for them. Which explains why the class will be very easy to play and summoners can just reroll into this class. Speaking of summoner they will also be doing a huge revamp for that class in October.


New class or Revamped Lyn Blade Master