Blade & Soul Major Update


5th Wave

The Naryu Crystal Battlefield will be available which is a large scale PvP faction battle area that can go up to 36vs36. It's pretty much like the current open PvP battlefields in the game except it will be an instance. The description is a little bit iffy but the concept of this faction battle is to destroy the enemy base. It sounds like a MOBA/AOS type of instance, players will be able to solo and group queue in this battlefield. The Naryu Crystal Battlefield will have daily quests and purchasable PvP equipment.


6th Wave

Real time tournament kind of like Battle Grounds will be added in the game. It will be available cross server so players can compete with everyone. The match making system will find opponents related to their PvP rank so it will be very challenging each time.


7th Wave

"Uhhh scroll back to page one? ^_^ haha!"


Blade & Soul 1st October Updates

1. Changing character customization (Undecided if it's free or cash item)
2. New hairstyles and more customization features (Can never get enough sliders right?)
3. You can compare your character to your original character or different races during CC.
4. Saving your own character presets and share it through the SandBox system.
5. Wardrobe inventory is now available. (YES YES *screams*)
6. Name change, character slots, and server transfer in the future.
7. Summoner revamp (about time)
8. A crap load of new outfits check them out below. (October to December)



More Outfits Preview


Fun Facts

1. 65% of the Blade & Soul community tried Pohwaran Dungeon and only 20% of them cleared it. I hope this game remains challenging.

2. The Chinese version of Blade & Soul will be censored A LOT. According to the KR developers every time they censor an outfit for the CN version. The CN publishers said "NO!" then they had to go back to drawing board. In the end the Korean devs gave up and handed the CN devs the source codes so that they can censor their own stuff. (lol fail) Let's hope the NA version stays uncensored!

The updates will come in one by one starting sometime October until the end of the year, I just hope that the Lyn Blade Master comes soon. Honestly, I am kind of disappointed about the Lyn Blade Master. I was hoping for something new and fresh not some kind of remake of a class that is already available. I am really excited on all of the upcoming new content! The developers also say that they are focusing on creating larger maps and cities after the the Jin Seo Yeon story ends. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this update I might have left some information out but you get the general idea.

Developer: NCSoft Korea
Game Publisher: PlayNC USA PlayNC Korea
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