Moonlight Blade Online Returns to G-STAR 2016


The extremely popular Chinese Kung Fu MMORPG by Tencent Moonlight Blade returns this year at Nexon's G-STAR 2016 page. The localization for the game was announced last year, but it seemed like there was hardly any progress in terms of teasers or closed betas. In fact, I actually thought they gave up on porting the game over! Anyway, there is a new trailer below and I added some of my old school gameplay footages. It's actually already in Open Beta in China for quite some time now, so you can test it out there if you wish!

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Seventh Dark Online Adventures Continue with Re:Zero


I'm slowly leveling up in Seventh Dark Online, there is a new event currently going which involves Re:Zero where users can redeem a three-day Emilia outfit. I made a short gameplay video of the outfit below for those interested along with another adventure video of my current game progress. Hmmm, the game doesn't seems really easy and kind of boring with the auto-blocking skills and auto-potion system. It probably gets harder later on, but my retention for the game doesn't seem to last for more than an hour or two. They will probably add the outfits or costumes of other Re:Zero characters at a later date.

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Lost Ark Online 1st CBT - Day 3 Preview


It's time for another Lost Ark Online preview featuring the PvP and Chaos Gates! I didn't get a lot of things done yesterday because I was waiting for the slow PvP queues. Everyone must have been busy PvE'ing or not a lot of people wanting to try it out. If you're a long time follower, you're probably aware that I often like to PvP in the games that I test despite the usual disadvantage of playing games from overseas.

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Lost Ark Online 1st CBT - Day 2 Preview


The Lost Ark hype is still going strong in South Korea with positive comments! I'm back with another handful of gameplay videos previewing the level 30 content and the last Cinematic Ark Dungeon for this beta test. I tried to level up as fast as I could to test some CBT end-game stuff before trying out a new character or randomly exploring stuff.

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Lost Ark Online 1st CBT - Day 1 Preview


The first day of Lost Ark Online's CBT1 had just ended and I decided to do a short write up of my adventures and answer some of the lingering questions that most of my viewers and followers has about the game. I still haven't decided if I'm going to write a review of this beta, but I do want to keep you guys informed so here is a short day one preview. I'm writing this while in Zombie cat mode lacking sleep so go easy on me will ya!

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