Black Desert Upcoming Future Content


Daum and PearlAbyss held a Black Desert conference today announcing future and upcoming game content for the game. As many of you may know, the game is constantly being updated! Below you will find information about new areas, new playable character, awakening for ninja, kunoichi, witch, and more.

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The War of Genesis 4 Online Gameplay


War of Genesis 4 Online adventures continue! I'm still on the fence on whether or not I should adventure further into the game. I like the card and character system and it reminds me of those old school RPG's where you can recruit a lot of characters to your team.

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The War of Genesis 4 Online Open Beta Gameplay


The War of Genesis 4 Online is now in Open Beta in South Korea and I decided to try the game out once again. I rushed through most of the story and did a couple new gameplay videos below. I don't think the game has changed much, the gameplay is still rather uh... awkward, but I heard the story is great though I can't really back it up, someday I will study Korean. Meanwhile, enjoy the new set of videos below.

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Black Desert Online Valkyrie Awakening Update and Trailer


The Korean version of Black Desert is going to receive another awakening update this week for the Valkyrie class featuring a super big one hand lance upgrade. It's a lance so expect a lot of poking and charge attacks in the video! The armor looks really nice and reminds me of Saint Seiya armor, lol. Blader stuff featured at the end of the trailer, hype!

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Soulworker Online Extra Closed Beta Gameplay Preview


In this week's gaming adventures, I'm back at it again with the latest build of Soulworker Online. I've played most of the betas for the game and have noticed that PvE content has been toned down drastically. Everything is so much easier now and it's almost impossible to die during the first two chapters of the game.

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