Soulworker Online Extra Closed Beta Gameplay Preview


In this week's gaming adventures, I'm back at it again with the latest build of Soulworker Online. I've played most of the betas for the game and have noticed that PvE content has been toned down drastically. Everything is so much easier now and it's almost impossible to die during the first two chapters of the game.

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Soulworker Online New Teaser Revealed for Extra Closed Beta and Pre-Registrations


Just a short reminder to those participating in the Soul Worker Online Extra Closed Beta that the client download is now available. You have to login the official website using Internet Explorer and click the game start button to begin. My launcher download is fairly fast even with the servers being so far away  from USA about 8MB a sec.

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Black Desert Online Boss System Update


A few weeks ago the Korean version of Black Desert Online introduced a new system. A lot of players have been asking for more challenging content so the developers added a new system with super hard hitting bosses and stuff. The bosses are still the same as the original version, they just hit harder and have more HP. They're very strong and can easily one-shot players with high-level end-game gear +17 and up.

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Black Desert Online Tamer Awakening Test Gameplay


The new Tamer Awakening update just went live earlier today and I rushed on over and did my quests as soon as possible! The quest unlocks at level 56, so players must get to that level first. This is my first time playing an awakened class, so I did a lot of experimenting check out my latest gameplay footage below.

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