Dragon's Dogma Online Season 2.0 Story and Alchemist Gameplay


I finally got around to uploading the new Dragon's Dogma Online Season 2.0 story that was released earlier last month or two months ago...? The story was interesting enough to return to the game along with being able to try the Alchemist job without having to complete any pesky sidequests and area rank up! Anyway, I know there are a ton of English players that quit the game right before 2.0 came out so here is the Japanese story for those lazy to download the game again.

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Arpiel 2.0 Online Lysia Dragon New Character Released


Nexon Korea and NGINE Studios just rolled a new update for Arpiel Online introducing the new Dragon race character Lysia, a scythe wielder. I haven't played this game in awhile and noticed that they've already updated version 2.0. Some of the noticeable changes that I've seen is the new sprint feature, faster combat, smaller areas, optional keyboard control mode, crafting changes, and more!

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Black Desert Online Kunoichi Awakening Playable on the 28th


The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to get the Kunoichi awakening this week also on the 28th! Her awakening weapon is a bit unique compared to the Ninja since it's a large Chakram. It looks and plays really cool, I wish I leveled up Kunoichi now! It seems like she has a lot more AoE management with this weapon making PvE a lot easier. The awakened weapon reach seems really good with a lot of spin2win like moves here and there. At the end of the trailer, you'll catch a short glimpse of the Witch teaser.

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Black Desert Online New Continent and Underwater Update


The Korean version of Black Desert Online received a big patch a few days ago introducing a new continent, underwater areas, guild battleship, sea monsters, and more. The new continent is really far out located in the North West part of the mainland. The trip from the mainland to the new continent alone should take over half an hour long, perhaps even longer.

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Closers Online New Playable Character Tina Preview


A new playable character has joined the WolfDog team in Closers Online! Tina the white hair and red eyes gunslinger character specializes in all kinds of weapons ranging from pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, laser guns, rocket launchers, gattling gun, and the list goes on. Her attack range is ridiculously large and seems very OP! She's got a lot of cool skills that gives her total field control blinking all over the place and shredding enemies into pieces. For the time being, Tina doesn't have a voice due to some random real-life drama where her original voice actress wore a wrong shirt and got fired. Seems pretty serious?!?

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