Black Desert Online Maehwa Awakening Trailer


The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to be getting the Maehwa Awakening update later this week on the 12th. The awakening official teaser page in KR will be revealed in a few days, but the teaser trailer is up now, so you can check it out below along with the Ninja teaser!

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Black Desert Online Musa Awakening Trailer


The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to get the Blader aka Musa awakening this week! The character will be specializing in a flame version of a long polearm weapon called a Moon Blade DanWoldo. It also has other names like Moonlight Blade, Crescent Blade, Naginata, etc. The female Blader also known as the Maehwa won't be getting her awakening until early next month. Check out the trailer below or at the official Korean page.

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Black Desert Upcoming Future Content


Daum and PearlAbyss held a Black Desert conference today announcing future and upcoming game content for the game. As many of you may know, the game is constantly being updated! Below you will find information about new areas, new playable character, awakening for ninja, kunoichi, witch, and more.

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The War of Genesis 4 Online Gameplay


War of Genesis 4 Online adventures continue! I'm still on the fence on whether or not I should adventure further into the game. I like the card and character system and it reminds me of those old school RPG's where you can recruit a lot of characters to your team.

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