Lineage 2: Revolution Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Gameplay Preview


Netmarble Korea just released Lineage 2: Revolution the other day and I've been testing it out. At first, I thought it was going to be another dungeon crawler mobile game like Nexon's HIT or Gamevil's Devilian, but as it turns out, it's really an MMORPG! You can progress through your main quests in large open areas, do side missions, a ton of questing, and more all out on big open areas with other players.

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Hyper Universe is Still Fun - Cash Outfit Skins Short Gameplay Preview


I test a lot of games and they all come and go, but Hyper Universe is still remains installed and I often login for a game or two. I've even supported the developers by purchasing a handful of skins. The game has a ton of playable characters so you're likely to find one that suits your style. There was this one interesting ugly looking character that I wanted to play, but didn't really like his monster look. I noticed he had a cute yellow bear skin, dunked some Nexon cash and played him all day, lol. I gave everyone hugs and body slammed em in my latest gameplay below! Now that I think about it, all of my character skins below is sporting out the yellow color.

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SoulWorker Iris Yuma Gameplay & Customization Preview


As promised, here are a couple gameplay videos featuring the new playable character in the Japanese version of SoulWorker Online. I spent my weekend testing her out and she seems really strong! I've also noticed that they made the game much more challenging and it's actually possible to die during the early chapters. The SoulWorker team made some changes with the monsters having less HP in exchange for a great damage boost. I like the new changes so far, but I wonder how new players would react to em. I'm thinking of casually leveling up this character, seems pretty cool so far, I should craft some unique weapons as they're good for ten or so levels. This just leaves one more character left from the early alpha previews, which is Chain Blade!

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Durango Prehistoric Survival MMORPG Gameplay


I've been skipping out on testing Durango for quite awhile now because it didn't really look all that interesting from a viewers point of view. After finally picking the game up and trying it out, I shortly became addicted! Just doing a quick write-up before the English beta starts next week, you can still sign-up if you think this game is right up your alley.

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Black Desert Dark Knight Character Customization & Emotes Preview


Phew! It took a really long time to download the Korean version of Black Desert all over again and after checking the folder size, it's about 91GB in size, holy smokes. Anyway, I know some of you guys have been waiting for my customization video so here it is! I also previewed Dark Knight's emotes at the end along with attack animations and stuff. Got some time to kill? Sip a cup of tea or coffee and watch my video! If you get bored, you can just speed it up, lol. Sorry, it's kind of long!

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Black Desert Online - Dark Knight New Screenshots


PearlAbyss and Kakao Games just released a handful of new screenshots for the upcoming Dark Knight character in Black Desert Online. My friend from WWG also did a full quality English translation of the Dark Knight lore that's worth reading, you can check it out by following this link. No new trailer released this week, so fans might have to wait until the character becomes playable next week. Meanwhile, if you've got the Korean version of the game downloaded, you can now login and jump straight into customizing your Dark Knight character. My client is still downloading, so I will upload my customization video a bit later.

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Twilight Spirits Online Action MORPG First Impression


There was a ton of hype floating around NetEase's upcoming Action MORPG Twilight Spirits Online, but most of it had died down after the previous test. Testing the game out myself, it's a very pretty looking game that has nothing new to offer. It's an instanced MORPG it gets very repetitive quickly. No special customization with characters or skills and a gender locked system can be a big turn-off for some picky players.

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Lineage Eternal PK and PvP System Preview


I haven't gone around to writing the PvE portion part of my Lineage Eternal preview, but I decided to write about my PvP and PK experience first. I had more fun more with the PvP and PK'ing content more than the PvE, maybe I'm just an evil cat. Anyway, the game has some pretty heavy penalties to PK'ers that will make players think twice about PK'ing others and bullying. If you're too lazy to read block texts, I've also provided a tl;dr version at the end or some of my personal notes before writing big stuff. Just a warning, this information might be valid for the 1st CBT only.

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Iron Sight FPS Killstreak Changes and Short Sniper Gameplay


Having previously enjoyed the past Closed Beta of Iron Sight, I went ahead and played the Open Beta version of the game. One of the biggest things that I've noticed in this version is that my Killstreak counter doesn't reset on death for both "support" and "offensive" layout Killstreaks. It seems like they made the game much more casual or user-friendly so that everyone can just zombie rush their Killstreak without having to worry about any deaths. Time to summon those Helicopters and Metal Reapers like crazy aye!?

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