Peria Chronicles Online Gameplay Videos From G-STAR 2016


Just wanted to keep you guys updated on the latest Peria Chronicles Online Hype~! A bunch of new gameplay videos just surfaced from big Korean gaming news site such as Inven and Thisisgame. Those of you that have been following the game are well-aware of the first playable gameplay demo at G-Star 2016 a gaming convention. I've collected some of the videos and directly linked them below for your viewing pleasure, enjoy~! The developers also mentioned that they didn't have enough time to optimize the demo version so expect some FPS and hiccups.

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Peria Chronicles 2016 Trailer for G-STAR Event


You've waited years for a new Peria Chronicles trailer to come out and it's finally here! Nexon and Thingsoft released the trailer ahead of time so check it out below or at the official game site. The latest teaser trailer shows a lot of things such as character customization, world editing, player created content, a wide-variety of Kiranas, gameplay, combat system, various system UI, cute characters, and the list just goes on!

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Bravely Default Fairy's Effect Gameplay Preview


Bravely Default Fairy's Effect is currently in Closed Beta and I managed to sneak in a day late! This version of Bravely Default seems to focus a lot on the real-time co-op system. It's almost identical to FFXI Grand Masters or Logres Goddess of the Ancient combat and item leveling system. One of the key features of this game is being able to invade another player's battle real-time and vice-versa which supports up to 4 players in one fight. If you see someone fighting a mob on the field, you can aggro that same mob and help them out. Players can also swap between various jobs anytime they want, as long as they're out of combat.

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Lineage Eternal Dungeons and Eternal System Preview


The new website for Lineage Eternal just launched today and a lot of people have been wondering about the new "Eternal" system. Players must now play as special heroes in the game known as Eternals. They're also able to freely switch between one of the thirteen playable Eternal Heroes of the game giving them a unique experience at all times.

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Moonlight Blade Online Returns to G-STAR 2016


The extremely popular Chinese Kung Fu MMORPG by Tencent Moonlight Blade returns this year at Nexon's G-STAR 2016 page. The localization for the game was announced last year, but it seemed like there was hardly any progress in terms of teasers or closed betas. In fact, I actually thought they gave up on porting the game over! Anyway, there is a new trailer below and I added some of my old school gameplay footages. It's actually already in Open Beta in China for quite some time now, so you can test it out there if you wish!

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Dungeon & Fighter Spirit Gameplay 3D Mobile Action RPG


Nexon Korea and Neople just launched a Closed Beta Test for their new 3D Action RPG Dungeon & Fighter Spirit for the Android device. I recorded a first look gameplay preview of the four starting characters below. The CBT lasts for a week long which leaves a lot of room for players to mess around and test all of them.

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Mobius Final Fantasy Introduces New Playable Female Character


The Japanese version of Mobius Final Fantasy just got a big update introducing a brand new playable female character. Just like Warrior of Light, it looks like Meia will also have job cards. I've been waiting for a female character in this game for the longest time. I actually thought Lightning would have been their first female lead, but as it turns out, it's Meia! Check out my ultra super HD gameplay video of her below~!

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Knights Chronicle Netmarble's New Seven Knights Targeting Japanese Users


Netmarble just launched an ongoing Closed Beta for Knights Chronicle that will last for about a week long in Japan. The game reminded me a lot of Seven Knights with epic skill animations and actions. Knights Chronicle will also have special exclusive super rare and hard to get "White" Knights shown in the video gacha page below. They're all wearing a white, pink, and purple attire so it's hard to miss! The game also has real-time coop features supporting up to 5 players at once.

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Devilian Mobile Gameplay Featuring Tera Online Characters


Have you ever wondered what would happen if Tera Online and Devilian Online made a baby!? No need to think about it, Bluehole and Gamevil just soft-launched the game last week and I tested it out below. I didn't get very far, I stopped playing after reaching level 22. The game reminded me of HIT too much with so many in-app purchasable packages that I was starting to get dizzy. Thankfully, you can progress the game just fine without buying anything! Unless you're some super rich person, you can just buy all the packages and "probably" beat the game the same day.

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