The Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki Online Gameplay


The Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki Online for PC came out a few weeks ago and is easily playable by linking any random social media account such as a random Twitter dummy account. I tested the game for seven hours, but couldn't really get into it as much as I would have thought. I usually like providing gameplay videos, so check out the game below. The game runs smoothly at 60FPS and playable on browser a random pop up thingy.

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Sword Art Online Memory Defrag's Gameplay is Actually Fun


I was a bit hesitant to try out the new Sword Art Online Memory Defrag game, but after a bit of persuasion from my fans and friends, I caved in. The game is surprisingly decent with fast-paced combat and player skill based gameplay. Players can dodge attacks and perform perfectly timed blocks and parry followed by a devasting counter-attack! Even if you weren't fond of the Anime, the game is still worth trying out for the gameplay which resembles Shironeko except it's in 2D!

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Take a Look at the Latest Neon Genesis Evangelion Games


Two new Neon Genesis Evangelion games is now available in Asia! During my younger days, I was a big fan of the Anime so I couldn't pass this opportunity up and tested both Evangelion Online and Evangelion Children for the mobile device. I made a short gameplay of both titles below. Evangelion Online boasts high-quality 3D units while Evangelion Children focuses more on SD style units which reminds me of Super Robot Wars!

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Lost Ark Online 1st CBT - Day 3 Preview


It's time for another Lost Ark Online preview featuring the PvP and Chaos Gates! I didn't get a lot of things done yesterday because I was waiting for the slow PvP queues. Everyone must have been busy PvE'ing or not a lot of people wanting to try it out. If you're a long time follower, you're probably aware that I often like to PvP in the games that I test despite the usual disadvantage of playing games from overseas.

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Lost Ark Online 1st CBT - Day 2 Preview


The Lost Ark hype is still going strong in South Korea with positive comments! I'm back with another handful of gameplay videos previewing the level 30 content and the last Cinematic Ark Dungeon for this beta test. I tried to level up as fast as I could to test some CBT end-game stuff before trying out a new character or randomly exploring stuff.

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Lost Ark Online 1st CBT - Day 1 Preview


The first day of Lost Ark Online's CBT1 had just ended and I decided to do a short write up of my adventures and answer some of the lingering questions that most of my viewers and followers has about the game. I still haven't decided if I'm going to write a review of this beta, but I do want to keep you guys informed so here is a short day one preview. I'm writing this while in Zombie cat mode lacking sleep so go easy on me will ya!

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Mobius Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest Event Preview


The Japanese version of Mobius Final Fantasy and the Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Event just started! Ahhh, time to reminisce some old school RPG memories. The event has two new Dragon Quest related jobs one of them is free from story, while the second job can only be obtained from Magicite Gacha draws. I wanted to get this job, so I rolled a couple of times and failed. Now I have to farm Magicites to get it... Noooooo~! I recorded the starting cutscenes and a short gameplay below.

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Shadowverse Free Stuff in the New Update Forte and Vania Gameplay


Shadowverse recently implemented a large update a few days ago that is worth checking out. Various new sleeves was added from both Granblue Fantasy and Rage of Bahamut and they're FREE! A bunch of new leader characters was also added to the game with new voice overs for each one. New leader cards can be purchased with Crystals or Rupees. I ended up buying two of them with the Rupees that I had. Oh, you also get a couple Arena/Draft tickets for a limited time and other things that I probably forgot.

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Lost Ark Online 2016 Trailer Revealed and New Information


Smilegate just revealed a brand new trailer for Lost Ark Online during the media conference that's going on right this moment. The new trailer shows off a lot of cool things for the upcoming CBT such as Cinematic Dungeons, Secret Dungeons, Instrument System, Playable Classes, Skills, Story Scenes, Field Bosses, Raid Bosses, Open Areas with many players, and a lot more. I've handpicked some of the information that I thought was useful below, there is too many stuff to translate so I skipped some of them, I'm a busy bee~!

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