Valkyrie Connect Is a Cute Casual Chibi Fantasy RPG That's Newbie Friendly


ATEAM's Valkyrie Connect just came out a few days ago and being a big fan of anything Valkyrie related, I decided to try the game out. One of the key features of the game is the multiplayer co-op system where you can raid with two other players with your small Einherjar party. The starter roll gives you around 15-20 pulls at the start. After three to four hour's worth of playing, I was able to do Gacha 40+ times.

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Wander Crown Offers Free Unlimited Starter Roll and Gameplay Preview


Wander Crown just came out a few days ago and I needed something new to try out while grinding in Granblue Fantasy. To my surprise, the game gives out a very nice freebie to new players. After you finish the tutorial, your first roll can be anything you want in the Gacha pool! Just spam the left button to refresh your roll and then select the right button to finalize it. Sounds nice? But wait, there is more!

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Samurai Rising Gameplay Preview and Impressions


Square Enix just released Samurai Rising yesterday and I ended up playing it all day. The game is pretty decent so I got hooked on it during the first day, but my hype for the game slowly died out the following day. The game is totally free to play and doesn't limit players with stamina a system, so you can pretty much grind all day. I didn't get any cute looking 5 Star Characters, but I did get some overpowered Samurai character.

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Fantasy Anime Action RPG Oz Chrono Chronicle Character Preview


3D Fantasy Anime Action RPG OZ Chrono Chronicle is another example of a good game to keep installed on your tablet or mobile device. I've been playing the game since the release and have found the game system a bit lenient towards free players. Come check out the gameplay preview for all three playable characters and their Sailor Moon gacha visual below.

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My Granblue Fantasy Adventures


Granblue Fantasy has been consuming most of my time all week and perhaps this week. I've been grinding in this game non-stop trying to strengthen my Light team further! Playing and grinding for more than ten hours a day is a bit exhausting, but it's all worth it in the end! A friend of mine also got me a Zooey coupon, so I'm really happy about it!

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Lord of Vermilion Arena Online Valkyrie Profile X Ragnarok Online


I've been playing way too much Valkyrie Anatomia and had a sudden urge to try out the Valkyrie Profile characters in Lord of Vermilion Arena. I had a lot of freebies in my mail as a returning player which was nice. They gave around 60 gacha tickets along with 20,000 AM to buy a new card. It was during the Golden Week event, you might still be able to sneak in get freebies.

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Random Games to Play on Your Phone or Tablet


It's a slow relaxing month so I decided to check out my old games on my gaming tablet and try out some new ones while at it. If you want to know more about the game, you can view the website and details on the game's youtube video description. Other than that, have fun watching or skimming through the list.

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