Dragon's Dogma Online Battle Alchemist Gameplay


Unlike most MMORPG's the Alchemist in Dragon's Dogma Online is actually badass because you're not crafting and mixing potions all day. Instead, you're in the front lines attacking, creating jump pads, tumbling, tanking, creating magic balls, stacking alchemy shards on bosses, and more. If you're a fan of the Full Metal Alchemist series, then you're definitely going to enjoy this job.

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SoulWorker Online 5th Playable Character Released Jin Seipatsu


Lion Games Korea and Hangame Japan just released the 5th playable character for SoulWorker Online! Jin Seipatsu feels and plays like a bruiser or tanky type of character. He looked really cool in the trailer so I decided to try him out for a little bit and created a couple of gameplay videos below. Jin seems to be a super front line character equipped with various skills such as an AoE Provoke, Stun, and Counter. He can also quickly dodge attacks! Jin OP?

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X Agency Hunt Or Be Hunted Bluehole Studio New Mobile Game


I was testing random games and I came across X Agency which looked very familiar and I was like huh!? Wasn't this previously known as The Hunting Zone? After a little bit more of research, it turns out it was the secret Bluehole Studio mobile game that was being worked on. Anyway, I tested it for a little bit and couldn't really get into it. The game does have an interesting concept where you enter areas and hunt shadows or players. If you kill a player, they Game Over their current quest and drop all of the items they picked up. Just writing a quick heads up, 35$ worth of login bonus that runs from the 6th to 11th.

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Mobius - Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Resurrection Preview


Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII has entered the world of Mobius Final Fantasy in the latest event. It looks like the developers of the game put a lot of effort into this collab compared to all the other previous collabs from the past such Final Fantasy VII Remake, FFVIII, FFIX, etc. They even added Snow and Hope as a playable job compared to the usual one new one, where is my Sephiroth from FF7? I've posted the whole story and some gameplay below for those interested. However, my Japanese isn't that great so I didn't bother adding subtitles to it. If you've played FF13 you'll probably catch on. I hope you enjoy my Mobius Final Fantasy adventures!

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Shinobi Nightmare Classic JRPG Dungeon Crawler with Kunoichis and Samurais


Fuji & Gumi Games just released another high-quality mobile game featuring a bunch of Kunoichi and Samurai characters. Shinobi Nightmare's gameplay plays a bit like the old-school JRPG's back then and may not appeal towards the newer generations. The game looks fairly good in terms of graphics and is passable as portable console game.

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Liberasion of Azure Multiplayer and Solo Gameplay


SEGA's Liberasion of Azure is a new 2D Anime side-scrolling action RPG that plays a bit like the old school Tales of Series with Valkyrie Profile like ultimate moves. The game features both single and multiplayer coop content. I've posted a short gameplay video below for those looking to try the game out on their tablet or smartphone device. Lastly, you get around 10+ free rolls at the start. Happy Rerolling!

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Lineage II Blood Alliance Mobile MMORPG Gameplay


Lineage II is now playable on your smartphone or tablet device as Lineage II Blood Alliance a mobile MMORPG version. I decided to try the game out since I know there are a lot of Lineage 2 fans out there that might be interested in how the game looks and plays. Just to be clear, there is another HD version of Lineage 2 mobile by NCSoft that's in development

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Dragon Project Plays a Lot Like Monster Hunter with Bonus Features


Colopl the same developer that created the very popular Shironeko also known as Rune Story jumped in on a whole new multiplayer experience. Dragon Project for Android and iOS is their latest and newest release and it's really hyped up a lot in Japan at the moment. It's one of those games that doesn't look that good, but a lot of fun to play. I wasn't even going to bother testing this title at first, but a friend of mine told me to try out. Little did I know, I was hooked on and played it for a week straight just grinding gear.

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Valkyrie Connect Is a Cute Casual Chibi Fantasy RPG That's Newbie Friendly


ATEAM's Valkyrie Connect just came out a few days ago and being a big fan of anything Valkyrie related, I decided to try the game out. One of the key features of the game is the multiplayer co-op system where you can raid with two other players with your small Einherjar party. The starter roll gives you around 15-20 pulls at the start. After three to four hour's worth of playing, I was able to do Gacha 40+ times.

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