Gundam Online Char's Red Mobile Suits

just gundam stuff

The old school classic 52vs52 PvP game Mobile Suit Gundam Online is still a lot of fun, even though the game is like five years old or something! Playing as my favorite Zeon faction on the JP servers! The Taiwanese version of the game does have an official English patch that comes with the installer, so a lot of Foreigners end up trying that version.

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Lord of Vermilion Arena Returns and Goes Through A Huge Remake

lova revive

Square Enix Japan's PC Lord of Vermilion Arena ended up shutting down last year only to come back later this year as a whole new MOBA! Personally, I'm not fond of the whole remake changes that the game has gone through. I actually would have preferred if they kept the original version with the 3D models and more actiony gameplay, now it just like any other MOBA.

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God Slayer CryEngine3 Action MMORPG Final Test Preview

godslayer online

CryEngine 3 Action MMORPG God Slayer Online is one of the few PC games that I'm currently testing at the moment. Roughly two years had passed since I last picked up this game during the early beta and it seems like God Slayer Online has gone through various changes and upgrades compared to today's build. Some of these changes are really nice while some may have users baffled.

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Project Z Online New MMORPG Closed Beta Preview

project z online main

Changyou's Project Z Online is a new upcoming Chinese PC MMORPG that looks like it was inspired by a lot of other games. I was really curious about this title after seeing the first teaser trailer because it looked like it was gonna be another hot new isometric action MMORPG. Time for you to discover and see if the game actually worth adding to your future wish list or not.

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Swords of Legends Online Blade Master and Town Tours

 swords legend finale

Swords of Legends also known as Legend of the Ancient Sword Online or Gu Jian Qi Tan Online is one of my newer favorite upcoming oriental themed MMORPG. I'm back again with the last batch of gameplay videos that I uploaded on my channel last week from the previous Closed Beta. The game looks like it has a lot of potential if they improve the action combat and visuals further. I still prefer Moonlight Blade Online, but that game has been out for a long time and has earned a lot of money for updates and stuff.

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Lost Ark Online Introduction to New Areas and Bosses

lost ark notes2

The Lost Ark Online team released another game update preview today revealing new areas, a new guardian raid, bosses, and a little bit of background story pertaining the new and old regions of the game. As someone who is usually not interested in story or lore, I had some fun reading and translating the content below. Unfortunately, no new information in regards to when the next CBT starts. Grab something to drink and continue on below for the latest Lost Ark info!

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Rising Fire Sci-Fi TPS RPG Closed Beta Adventures

rising fire main

I stumbled upon Rising Fire last weekend while on the hunt for new games to test. The Chinese version is currently in Closed Beta and needs a beta key to get in while the English version might be in Alpha? I'm not really sure, but I added the English site below just incase you want to try and sign-up for it. I spent most of my weekend playing Rising Fire trying to power level to 20 to unlock the new character that was just released, I'll probably make some gameplay videos of her later on.

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Sdorica: Sunset a Gameplay Preview of Rayark's Upcoming Cute Puzzle RPG

sdorica main

While looking for new games to test last night, I stumbled upon Rayark's upcoming cute puzzle RPG called Sdorica: Sunset. I believe the game has been in CBT for sometime now, but I've only just discovered it! Sdorica: Sunset isn't an overly complicated puzzle RPG and is surprisingly easy to pick up. It's one of those games that I would introduce to a friend who's never played games before or something. Check out my gameplay and character preview below and see if it's your type of game.

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Lost Ark Online Closed Beta 2 New Jobs and Content Changes

 lost arkcbt2

The Lost Ark Online team finally updated their site with more information regarding content changes in the upcoming Closed Beta 2. The developers are working hard on improving their game even further based on player feedback. Below you will find a list of changes to come which includes new playable jobs, balancing, system changes, and more.

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