Ghost in the Shell Online First Connection Review of Closed Beta


The first Closed Beta for Neople and Nexon's Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex First Connection Online had just ended! I'm back again with another shooting game preview, be one of the first to learn more about the upcoming GITS Online game coming to North America soon!


Lobby, Customization, and Shop - Pre-loaded Gear

Before joining any match, players can customize three different weapon loadouts and swap to it whenever they are killed in combat. For example, you can set an Assault Rifle set on the F1 key, SMG set on F2 key, and Sniping Set on F3 key. Killing players with that gun will unlock better attachments and various scopes.


Playable Characters and Skill Link System - Some are OP!

One of the unique features of Ghost in the Shell Online is the skill sharing system where players can Link to your skill after you have successfully activated it. However, skill linking is only limited to the first three players, so you'll have to be very quick when pressing the link button! Not all of the active skills can be shared between the players on your team such as Batou's Rocket Launcher, Maven's Cyberwall, Togusa's Drones, and Ishikawa's Sentry Gun. As for the ones that can be shared, they're as follows, Kusanagi's Cloaking skill, Paz's speed boost, Borma's regenerate to full HP skill, and Saito's Wallhack skill.

Network and Lag Problem - Steparu Lags!

Since I'm always testing games from USA and the servers are in South Korea, you will notice that there is a lot of animation jitter and lag going on, so I do apologize for that in advance. I'm pretty sure you won't run into such issues in the NA version. Unless you're going to play this game from all the way across the globe!

Team Death Match - Classic Style

It's pretty much given that almost every FPS game offers the traditional TDM mode with endless respawns! The maps ranged from small to medium sized nothing large or extremely large like Battlefield. Respawn points are determined by the map, it's either fixed or random respawn. Some maps reminded me of Call of Duty. Yes, I played that game! There are moments when you'll spawn near an enemy and just flank them in one swoop or spawn in front of the enemy and get owned.

Demolition Mode - Counter-Strike Style

Although I don't post much gameplay videos of my FPS adventures, I do play a lot of them from time to time and all thanks to the original Counter-Strike! Nothing special in this mode, other than players having one life per round, so try not to suicide rush or stick to the objectives. Plant the bomb if you're on the attacking team. Defend Points A and B if you're on the defending team. Skill sharing system works on this mode so having a good party composition helps out a lot. The self-regeneration skill should be extremely useful, or the Sentry gun to defend the bomb or bomb site. Lastly, everyone on the attacking team is able to plant the bomb!

Tatics or Tachikoma Mode - Control Point

This was one of my favorite modes during the first closed beta because you get to summon a Tachikoma for your team! The main objective is to take control of certain areas of the map until you reach the enemies respawn area. It's like a mini Battlefield map, except this map much smaller and linear plus no vehicles. You'll most likely end up killing and getting killed a lot in this map. You can check out one of my lengthy Tactics mode match below for a better understanding.

Possible Future Plans - PvE Missions

I was hoping that the 1st CBT offered some form of PvE co-op content similar to Warframe or unique story missions that will help new players adjust and familiarize with the whole Ghost in the Shell series. Perhaps players can collect and craft weapons through this system along with purchasing items through the shop. The UI is nice and reminded me of the Anime a lot, though I think it could use a more VR or Dead Space style look when it comes down to UI stuff. The EMP grenades needs a bit of work, it seems extremely weak compared to how OP Flashbangs are supposed to be in other games. Anyhow, it's the 1st CBT so I won't complain much, lol.

Conclusion - My Final Thoughts

Please do keep in mind that this mini review is just for the 1st Closed Beta! When Ghost in the Shell Online was first announced a lot of the Anime fans were extremely hyped, but after discovering that's it just an ordinary FPS game, they were a bit disappointed. The game doesn't really have anything special that sets it apart from other FPS games other than the special "Skill Sharing" system and Tactics Mode my favorite Tachikoma. Even with all that, I still enjoyed playing the game and was able to obtain a high-rank gold stripes rating from playing too much. That's it for my mini review and I will hope for the best with Neople in developing more content for Ghost in the Shell Online!

Developer: Neople
Publisher: Nexon NA / Nexon KR
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