AVA Online JP Review

avarvAlliance of Valiant Arms  Online is definitely staying on my computer for awhile.  It's been a long time since I have played a very good FPS game.  Playing AVA brings back good memories of Counter-Strike 1.6 addiction.  AVA Online has a lot of replay value and lots of achievements you can unlock.  I would recommend this game to anyone is looking to try a new FPS game for many reasons find out why!

This review will only cover the Japanese version for I have not played any of the other language releases.  Since it's a FPS game there only quite a few aspects I will go into detail.  First thing is first I will explain the different game modes there are.

Annihilation - The second most popular mode you will probably be seeing played is going to be either Team Death Match in which both teams respawn endlessly.  Your typical TDM type of game that is nothing special to it.  Very good if you don't enjoy being dead for a long time while waiting for rounds to restart.

Transport - This is the less popular mode because it only has two maps for it at the moment.  In Transport Mode the (NRF) team has to prevent the retrieval of the Nuclear Suitcase from the opposing team (EU).  Almost the same concept as hostage retrieval except a bit more simpler.  If you die, you will have to wait until the round is over.

Escort - Nope, you won't be escorting some important person in this mode.  The objective of this game mode is to escort your tank to a specific location on the map.  There are only two rounds in this game mode both teams will get a chance to escort their tank.  Whichever team (NRF) or (EU) gets their tank the furthest wins.  The escorting team must repair and keep the tank maintained until it reaches the objective while being very offensive at the same time to keep their tanks from being RPG by the defending team.  Both teams respawn endlessly until the round is over.

Escort Gameplay Part 01

Escort Gameplay Part 02

Demolition - This would be the most popular game mode currently in Japan AVA.  This mode plays just like Counter-Strike.  If you die you you will have to end up waiting until the round is over.  The (NRF) must plant the bomb in one of the two locations provided in the map.  Winning a round depends on successfully eliminating the opposing team, bombing a site, and defusing the bomb.

Demolition Gameplay Part 01

Demolition Gameplay Part 02

Weapons and Classes