Apex Online CBT Review

apexApex Online is probably one of those games you would probably not try out, after taking a glimpse at the screenshots. Honestly, I wasn't planing on playing this game myself for many reasons. When I first saw Apex, It already got me thinking that it looks just like any other FPS game and probably plays like one. Then I decided to give the game a chance since I already had a Korean Nexon account available. Logged in, skipped tutorial, and jumped right into a public game. The next thing I knew, it was already 4:00am in the morning and I have been playing this game for six hours straight!

Apex Online PvP Gameplay with Zombie NPC's

Apex, not your average online FPS game for sure. Other than cartoonish graphics and the small amount of playable characters the game was loads of fun. Don't get the wrong idea, this game isn't a MMOFPS like it was referred to in my previous articles and other websites, but it is popular and had a lot of players. The game was packed through out the four days of CBT1.


There were only three playable characters in the first Closed Beta. One huge fat Caucasian American,  you better think twice before you pick this character, be warned he runs extremely slow. There is another Caucasian American who has a more toned and buffer body. Last but not least there is an African American character that you can pick. I picked him because he reminded me of Louis in Left 4 Dead, who was my favorite character. I eventually purchased the other two remaining characters in the in game store. I was extremely upset this game at first, because it didn't have a female character! Which was one of the main reasons I wasn't going to try out this game in the first place. In the end, I was very pleased with the first character I picked, or maybe it was the gameplay that kept me hooked on this game, like crazy.

Apex joining a late game~

Ranking & Equipment

There are a lot of equipments available in the item shop. For those of you that have played an online FPS game before, then you should be very familiar of what kind of items they sell in the shop. You can purchase a lot of equipment like, equipment for your head, shoe, arms, legs, hands, and face. If you get bored of your current weapon, you can also purchase new weapons. Weapons aren't restricted to your rank, on the other hand, each of the piece of the armor equipment is. There is only way to rank up, that is by playing through out matches and earning experience points. Taking first place during each match will yield you a lot more EXP. Ranking up is fairly easy, and the wide variety of game modes will keep you hooked.

Apex Online Gameplay 04