Age of Storm Review CBT1

mainAs a hardcore gamer, I often like to explore all kinds of genres other than MMORPG's alone. With that said, I decided to take a look at the latest AOS game that is currently in its' first Closed Beta Test called Kingdom Under Fire Age of Storm. The game is currently being developed by Dragonfly Entertainment and published by NEOWIZ GAMES. Age of Storm reminded me a lot of Cyphers and Land of Chaos, though my viewers say the game looks a lot like Smite. Come check out some of my first impressions along with full length 1080p gameplay videos right below.


Kingdom Under Fire Online : Age of Storm Trailer


If you're a veteran player of this genre, you'll be able to adapt to the Age of Storm play style very easily due to the fact that it shares similar elements. The playable champions aren't restricted to their faction or one side, which can be a big plus for picky players. Age of Storm combines a mix between a battle arena and AOS theme together mainly because it uses the point system. The team that destroys the most buildings before the timer runs out wins. Of course, the concept is still the same, first team to destroy the opposing main base wins. This kind of play style may enforce players to backdoor more often instead of running around and farming for kills.

Steak Power

In-game Items & Targeting

The matches went by pretty fast players often surrendered early when the other team became way too fed. I used to play a lot of games similar to this and it was nice to win some matches by outplaying the other team even if they were a couple of levels ahead of us. The items in this game works a little bit different compared to your average AOS/MOBA type of games. Items are categorized by four different types, potions, offensive items, defensive items, and accessories. You can only equip two of each item at one a time. Leaving you with two slots for offensive items that increases your characters damage and such, two slots of defensive items more physical or magical defense, accessories, and potions. Age of Storm tries to prevent players from filling up their inventory with one item or going pure glass cannon style with this unique item system.

Celine Gameplay

Targeting is fairly easy if you're playing a melee character, just walk up to your target and spam your left click. However, targeting with a range character requires a little bit more precision. Especially when you're chasing down a moving target. I often forget that Age of Storm offers a lock on button. The lock on is a little bit lame because you'll be able lock on a hero and you don't even need to look at that direction and your char will turn and activate that skill on your locked on target. I was experimenting with the lock on feature below, it looks like it only works for skills and not your manual attacks. Lastly, normal attack animation varies depending on your character. For example, some characters are able to attack three times before their normal attack pattern resets. So they have to press left click once for the first attack animation, another left for second, and another left for the third. Then there are some characters that has to go through longer attack animations like the Werewolf Tancredi, who has a five hit long combo for normal attacks.

Training Room Testing

Jungling & Stuff

Just like other AOS/MOBA type of games Jungling is required in Age of Storm and plays a big part of the game. Jungling was fairly easy in Age of Storm, or it seemed like it since everyone in the first CBT was a noob. Though, there were times when players tried to invade our jungle early on. One of the things that I noticed often during my matches is that people kept leaving their lanes and going for a lot of ganks, so I had to go around covering and eating the wasted exp!

Tancredi Gameplay