Devil Maker Tokyo TCG RPG

mainDevil Maker Tokyo just came out two days ago in the South Korean Appstore and GooglePlay Market. I have been keeping following this title ever since its' first debut because I enjoy playing card battle games every now and then. Honestly, I wasn't so sure if I was going to get into this card game much because I am currently shuffling between two to three other card games at the moment. Without giving it a second thought, I told myself I would play a little bit of Devil Maker Tokyo before I got to sleep. Little did I know, I ended up spending my whole night and the next morning til lunch time playing. Lacking a lot of sleep hope you're prepared for a very image heavy zombie review of Devil Maker Tokyo!

Devil Maker Gameplay Trailer Teaser

Devil Maker Tokyo is a dark themed card RPG with very high quality graphics and a really fun enjoyable gameplay. I am around level 30 and I have spent at least over 15 hours or more non stop playing this game. Honestly, I am still a bit sleepy and zombie mode but I thought I would share some of my experiences with this game plus I know there are a lot of card lover fans out there like me!

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Exploring & Dungeons

There are a lot of cool looking backgrounds for this game and the walking system is a bit similar to Million Arthur. I don't really want to compare both games with each other much but I think MA was the first card game I have ever played with such system. Anyway, leveling up in this game is super fast in fact you can level up to 20'ish in just one sitting. I really liked the backgrounds and artwork of this game it's very cool and fits perfectly well with the game.

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World Map & Party Menu

One of the nifty features of dungeoning in DMT is that each dungeon has a special unlockables. For example, if I were to select the level 24 zone and tackle the third dungeon. After clearing it once, I am awarded with the first time clear bonus for that dungeon, then if I were to clear it four more times I can win upgrading tickets for clearing that dungeon five times. Then the last reward is obtained after clearing that area ten times, though I usually skip this part unless the reward is very good. The rewards vary per dungeon and is usually shown right before you enter. I suggest going back to the previous dungeons and collect the better rewards especially if it is a free gacha ticket!


S Rank!

Normal Encounter and Boss Encounters

DMT has a lot of dungeon variety so you're always guaranteed to be staring at something fresh and new. While dungeoning your party will can encounter all kinds of monsters ranging from Normal Monsters that can easily be steamed rolled. Hard Monsters that will most likely put a dent on your party or even kill off a party member. Then the boss type encounters that will definitely kill a party member or wipe your entire party if it isn't leveled enough! The boss is usually encountered at the end of the area but if you're unlucky enough, you will encounter one or more during your exploration and guaranteed boss at the end. If all your party members end up dying, you will have to restart that dungeon. Most of the dungeons are fairly easy until you reach level 30, I found myself party wiping often.


She looks friendly but her dogs doesn't!

Battle System

Everyone is probably curious about DMT's battle system so let me go on ahead and explain that. Cards in Devil Maker Tokyo have special skills that can proc off during battle, some of these skills vary ranging from chance to do 150% more damage, AoE cleave attack the enemy party, debuff enemy and stuff. Cards also have three different kinds of stats which is Attack Power, Defense Power, and Health Points. Defense seems to be a rare stat in cards most of the cards that I find usually have 0 defense and have a lot of HP and AP, so I usually prefer upgrading cards with it.

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Obtaining a boss card!

After your party successfully defeated a group of monster that you have encountered in that dungeon you will obtain a random card and will carry on the damage you obtained from that battle to the next. If you were to lose two members before you reach the last boss, then you will have to fight the boss with your remaining party members leaving you in a pinch! This is where the potion system comes in. What the potion system~?! I did tell you that this is a card battle RPG game so there are a lot of potions. These potions range from AoE healing potions, red single target potions, resurrection potions and more. Potions can not be used in battle and must be used after the battle is over, so it is a good idea to always top off your party before taking another step in that in harder dungeons mainly because resurrection potions are very rare.

Card RPG System - Leveling Card & Modifying

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All kinds of cards!

There are a lot of unique looking cards in DMT, while the game has a darker themed mojo going on, every now and then there are cute angelic cards like the first card shown above. Of course the cooler looking cards are the ones with "Five Star" "Unique" quality. Unfortunately, I am not so lucky with obtaining any of those OP cards. Devil Maker Tokyo also gives players a bunch of gacha tickets every now and then which is awesome because that's one of the many ways to get good cards.

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Devilish Looking Cards!?

At first I was confused about the different kinds of cards the game has to offer but after playing the game for awhile, I am still confused about this crazy system. Like a card is made up of three different features, how many stars is it 1-5 maybe 6 exists? Then there is Rank F-S and then you have the grade which goes from common, uncommon, rare, and unique. You confused yet? Because I am, I have no idea how to gauge strong cards in this game other than stacking all my four star cards. Thankfully, DMT has one of those features that lets you load your strongest cards available.

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Upgrading Cards!

Leveling up cards is a lot cooler in DMT because it is like playing an RPG game. For example, I am trying to level up my boss card above. To level it up, I have to feed other random card fodders the best part about this leveling system is that it actually shows you in advance on how much EXP will be earned from the cards that you are feeding. In this case, the card above will go from level 13 to 15. Once a card reaches level 20 it will unlock a 2nd skill, then the last skill is obtained at 40 depending on the type of card you have. Then if you have really cool skill that you like from a certain card but no longer want to use that card, you can use the transferring skill menu to move that skill over to your other card giving players a crap load of unique customization to their cards. To sum things up we have little bit of Guardian Cross meets Million Arthur system. I haven't maxed out a card yet but I wouldn't be surprised if they can be awakened.

Conclusion & Getting Owned by Gacha

Would I recommend trying this game out? Yeah, definitely it's really fun! DMT has a lot of extra features to offer like story mode, endless mode, random PvP, daily dungeons, shared boss battles, assist mode, awaken battles, vortexes, and more. The graphics and UI is really clean and the game plays smoothly on my Ipad4. Though there are player reports saying that this game is lagging for them graphics wise. There are a bunch of ingame events going on to keep their community busy. DMT is currently being published by KakaoGame so I bet most of you guys already have an account from playing popular Kakao titiles such as Windrunner and Dragon Flight.


Four Star Cards!

Not sure if you guys should spend some cash on the Gacha though. I was very excited about this game that I bought 20$ worth of gacha but I didn't get anything good only one four star card. Kept playing passed midnight and I stuck around longer with the game and ended up enjoying it more, so I bought another 20$ but I didn't get any Five Star quality card again. Was depressed, normally I would have rage quit by now but this game is pretty fun so I am going to keep playing. Honestly, I didn't think I would be writing another review so soon but this preview became somewhat of review so hope ya enjoyed it.


Sad & Happy Four Star Cards

Developer: Palmple
Publisher: Kakao | Palmple
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