Core Masters Online Review

mainThe First Closed Beta Test for Core Masters Online ended a few days ago and I must say, South Korea might finally have a new unique AOS/MOBA game in the making. What do I mean by unique? Well for one thing Core Masters Online doesn't offer the traditional three lane and five champions in one map style. This game has a lot of cool stuff and I will make sure to explain it in detail so that you guys will be able to understand how the game works and be prepared for the next Closed Beta. Core Masters Online could just very well be the next big game next to League of Legends in South Korea, find out the exact reasons why below.


Wow I haven't written an intro for my reviews in awhile but here goes. Core Masters Online is a AOS/MOBA game about collecting Dragon Balls... I mean Cores. As of the moment the game currently offers three playable mode which are PvP Core Mode, Ranking Match Core Mode, and PvE Core Mode. I really didn't get into the PvE content as much as I did with the PvP and Ranked Matches. Time to keep the intro short so that you guys can read up on the juicy stuff and how to play this game.

Ranking Core Mode

This is the default map of Core Masters Online, in this mode each side has one Main Base. I kind of like to think of this mode as "Basketball" mode because the main object of this mode is to shoot the Core you're carrying at the enemy base. It sounds funky but there is a lot more to it. The map has five Core Towers, a Core will drop upon destroying a tower. Once you have successfully destroyed the tower, you or your team mate must pick up the Core. From here on out, you can sneak your way into the enemy base and try to Ninja score like I did in the video below or push as a group. The experience points earned is shared between your party so teamwork is a big plus! All of the champions have four Active skills and one passive.

There are some important things to keep in mind in this mode, like your Main Base shoots lasers at all the mobs and enemy players who goes near it. So stunning enemies before they score(throw their Core at your Main Base) is very good. But you have to STUN them before they get in range of your Main Base because once they start channeling to shoot the Core at your Main Base, they can no longer be stunned and must be bursted down or killed ASAP. If you manage to kill them before they score, you will be awarded with the Core that they were carrying. Each party member can carry one Core at a time. Your death respawn timer also increases the longer the match goes on, so matches over fifteen minutes must be well planned out. For example, your team is on a offensive and trying to rush their base without a plan. All of your team members are carrying Cores. Your team wipes because no one can land skill shots or something went wrong! This is bad~!? Yes, because the Cores that your team was carrying will fall to the ground upon death. The enemy team will pick up all of your teams Core, then just walk in your base and easily score because no one is alive to defend due to a lengthy respawn timer. The Main Base HP Gauge is located on the top of the screen. The first team the successfully destroys the Enemy base obviously wins.

rankingRanked Map Lay Out!

The Item System

Core Masters item system is very different compared to the usual DOTA or League of Legends, at most it resembles Cyphers Online. I have posted a item customization video below so perhaps you'll get a better understanding of it if my explanation is awful. First of all, items must be bought in the in game store through a random box which are organized by certain levels. You get random items inside the boxes so perhaps you'll be lucky and get a very good one! These items must be equipped on your hotbar before you start a match. The items vary from magic attack, physical attack, magic penetration, movement speed shoes, potions, and etc. If you have played LoL, think of it as your masteries and rune page. Once you're in the game, you can level up these items 1-4 times with the gold earned during that match. These items will automatically start at Level 0 every time you start a new match. For example, I have a magic wand equipped. Leveling it up once will give me +15 Magic Attack, Leveling it up again will give me +15 Magic Defense followed by +15 Magic Attack and lastly +15 Magic Defense at Level 4. Item upgrades may vary so make sure you carry the right build for your character. The last thing you want is to wear all Physical Items on a Magic based Champion. You can run their website with Google Translate, so if you're serious on participating in the next beta. You can study and learn more about the heroes there.

BGM and SoundFX

I felt like Core Masters was lacking in the sound department because the BGM didn't really have much of an impact on me while I was testing out the game. Perhaps they need to tweak it a little bit more? The first CBT didn't offer any character voices which wasn't a big problem because they can easily hire people for it once the game is launched.

Extra Modes

Core Masters Online also offers a PvP type of mode where players kill each other but it has a catch! Just like the original Ranking Mode players will have to collect Cores from towers and the enemy team. Though this time, a player can hold up to 20 Cores at once. The first team that collects a total of 20 cores between the four members of their team will automatically win the match.


As you can see Core Masters Online is a very unique game with a variety of game modes. Hands down, I am definitely going to participate in the future Closed Beta Tests for this game. Though the game is still far from perfect in some ways, like minor character balancing here and there. Some characters look a little bit League of Legendish? I definitely recommend signing up for the next beta. I didn't experience much latency problems playing from outside of South Korea, which was a big plus. You should be able to gauge my ping with my gameplay videos shown above. I will let you guys know when the next beta is so if you have time, grab a couple of friends, and start steam rolling the enemy team! Thanks for reading up on my latest review and see you next time! If you enjoyed reading about Core Masters Online then go on ahead and spread the word about it via my review or videos, perhaps a publisher in your Country might take an interest in it.

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